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The Terrier Tattler
Musical Freestyle Video - Incredible!

The Terrier Tattler
April 2005
Spring is finally here and I am loving it!  We can spend lots of time in the back yard, just laying
in the sun, patrolling for squirrels, barking at passersby.  It's  heaven.  I could spend hours in
the yard when it's warm and sunny.  Tracy has a really nice hammock that she spends many
of her springtime hours on.  I tried it but it's a little too relaxing for me.  I fell asleep and I'm
embarrassed to tell you that a squirrel snuck up onto the deck - just 5 feet from where I was
lounging!  Wesley was supposed to be covering for me, but he was tummy up in the grass
sunbathing his tummy!   

March was fun since it was our bi-annual Des Moines Agility Trial.  Of course, the Iowa fan
club was there in full force.  Spencer even helped Wesley pick up his awards (no, I didn't
have any ribbons this time!).   We're adding an additional Iowa trial to our schedule this year -
June 4 at Ames.  Mark you calendars!
Fun for my ‘people’ fans:
As you know, each dog breed exhibits it’s own unique personality.  For example,  Terriers are known for being feisty
and full of attitude, Labs tend to be intelligent with a good temperament.  Well, what breed of dog do YOU most
resemble when you are working?  Take the test at the following link and find out.
Tracy took it - she’s a Jack Russell Terrier!    

Words of Wisdom.....
The reason a dog has so many friends, is he wags his tail instead of his tongue!
New Canadian Friends!!!

I have several friends in Canada (Lucy, Nike and Max).  Until now, my Canadian friends have been in the Toronto
area.  But now I’ve got two new buddies in Montreal – Sam and   Charlie.  Sam is black lab and Charlie is a Rottie-
Lab mix (isn’t he a cutie?).  They really know how to have fun - playing in the snow, opening Christmas presents...  
By the way, French is their second language (dog is their first language, of course!).  
Top Dog Max In For Some Changes in May!

Max is #1 AGI dog on the Top 50 List for 2005!  And at the WAG UKC Trial on April 2, Max got his 5th AG3 leg –
achieving his U-ACHX title!!  This is the highest UKC agility title a dog can accomplish.  Congratulations, Max.  
Pup Pics!!
Love those photos
send your pics to
This fairly new dog event, combines obedience and dance in a really cool team (dog and handler) activity.  YES – that’
s right – the dog and their handler DANCE!  It’s really cool to watch and some of you may have seen a video that had
been emailed around several months ago.  It blends dog obedience and dance presenting a visually exciting display
of handler and canine teamwork. The handler and dog perform dance-oriented footwork in time to the music, rather
than displaying the traditional walking pace of obedience. Heeling is an important component of freestyle but
nonstandard movements are also expected to be displayed by the dog along with attention, enthusiasm, and a
degree of difficulty over and above that which is normally seen in the obedience ring. A variety of handler upper body
movements are also encouraged to lend interpretation to the music. Costuming for the handler also helps to
enhance the interpretation of the music and to involve spectators in the spirit of the routine. Throughout the routine the
handler may encourage the dog's performance with verbal commands, but no training aids or food of any kind are
permitted in the competition ring.

The handler freely uses the body, arms, and legs to interpret the music. Footwork is a mixture of dance-related steps
and traditional movements at different speeds. Because of the freedom for both the canine and human partners,
musical freestyle routines incorporate creativity and diversity of movement. Emphasis is placed on the teamwork
between the handler and dog; neither partner is "showcased," since both are judged equally.

A handler and dog team may compete in three different classes at three different levels. Classes include Individual
(one handler, one dog), Brace, (two handlers, two dogs) and Team (three or more handlers, each with a dog). In
1995, a Tandem class (one handler, two dogs) is also offered in the Exhibition Only category. Participants may begin
competing with a dog in any class, in either the On-leash or Off-leash Divisions, but must qualify from the Off-leash
Division to enter Masters. Titles of MFD (Musical Freestyle Dog), MFX (Musical Freestyle Excellent) and MFM (Musical
Freestyle Master) are awarded to dogs, based on the accumulation of qualifying scores specific to each of the
different classes.

Yes, it’s a pretty incredible sport.  I can’t imagine dancing with Tracy.  She used to try to dance with me (carrying me
around) but I just felt (and I’m sure I also looked) goofy.
Simple, understated elegance is always the way
to go.  A pretty strand of pearls for a collar, a basic
black sheath is always a good choice.  Here a
simple black jacket with burberry-like trim sets
the stage for a beautiful evening.
Too much flash = too much white trash. Shiny
black leather, gold lame and sequins do not
make for an elegant look.  This is not appropriate
for ANY occasion!
Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
4Baby Dachshunds – NO FOOLING!!!  

Yes, my friend Lucy gave birth to 4 beautiful baby dachshunds on April 1st!  Lucy sure wasn’t in a joking mood on
April Fools day this year – you can see her in the picture just before she spent a day pushing 3 girls and 1 boy into
this world.   

Now she really needs April Fools Day theme names.  If you have any suggestions, please email me
( and I’ll forward your suggestions to her.  

Big congratulations to Lucy (and Sharon).  
Musical Freestyle - a.k.a Dancing with your Dog
I highlight different dog activities/events each newsletter.  This month's event would be really fun to watch.  It's a
unique combination of obedience and dancing!  I know Tracy likes to dance, but I can't see us attempting this activity.
As always send me your feedback and suggestions at  
Contact Us.    I also welcome contributions from you about
your favorite activities!                                                                                                             -Bianca

Another April Fools Birth-Day
My friend Murray celebrated a birthday on April Fools Day too!  He turned 4 this year. Funny he doesn’t look a day over
2!  Hope it was a great birthday, Murray!
Mom Lucy before the puppies are born
2 hour old puppies!
Max is very fortunate - he's also been 'top dog' at home
(he's an only dog and you know what that means, no
sharing food or toys or ATTENTION!).  How lucky.  Well
Max,  May is going to be a very interesting month for you.  
Max's mom Diane will be bringing an Aussie (Austrailian
Shepherd) puppy into their family!  Here’s a picture of the
pup, Tara – how cute is she!  Max, some advice from
one ‘oldest’ in the household to another.  It's going to be
really tough at first.  And yes, it's ok not to be overboard
with joy when Tara arrives.  Be firm, she's a puppy and
needs to know you are the boss in the house (Diane is
#2 of course).  But after that, it will be a ball.  Some of the
fun things I taught my little brother Wesley:
- Distract Isabella the kitty so I can get her from the side
- Beg for treats - this is important - be sure you teach her
how to ask for food because when she gets some, so
will you!!
- Retrieve your toys and chews when you're just too tired
to go get them.
Puppy Tara