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   The Terrier Tattler
April 2006

Hello friends & fans

Spring is finally here (I think!).  We've had sunny, warm days when my brother Wes and I can spend hours just lounging around the backyard.  Wes stands guard on the deck - a sharp eye out for the dreaded squirrels, while I sun bath in the grass.  Heaven!  This month's newsletter is a little shorter than usual (and yes, I know, it's late again!).  I've shared with you all my assistant's 'other' demands - and this month I'm lucky to get a newsletter out at all!!!


We got to be in our very first parade during March - the St Patrick's Day parade in Naperville.  Look for the article in this month's newsletter - complete with photos!  March is also the month we make our annual trek to Des Moines for the AKC trial held at Jester Park.  We get to see many of our 'Iowa' friends and of course some of my fans (ok, yes, they are also family) came to see me.  Wesley preferred to spend his time snuggled on a warm lap (here he is with 'cousin' Nate).   Westies made a good showing - there were 4 of us competing!  And of course, baby Daze was there - she's so anxious to hit the course, but still too young to compete.  Watch out 8" class when she's ready to go! 


April promises to be a great month - warmer weather and some fun agility.  We're going to try NADAC for the first time.  Tracy thinks I'll enjoy it and maybe it will encourage me to run a little faster.  Wesley gets to go too, even though I know he's too slow to qualify in NADAC (you've got to be a fast dog to compete!).  It will be a fun time no matter how we do since many of my friends will be there too! 


Enjoy your April and of course, keep those cards & letters coming!



Greyhounds Looking for Homes

The Greyhound race track near us has been sold and they have dogs that are looking for homes.  You can check out their website and see these cuties that would love a yard to run in. 




I Love a Parade

On March 11, my brother Wesley and I got to participate in our very first parade.  We have been to parades before, but only as spectators.  Wow, it's way more exciting to be one of the parade participants!  Big thanks to my 'sis' Mary for walking Wes in the parade, and of course to Tracy for walking me.  We walked with a bunch of other dogs for our favorite Naperville store - Two Bostons.  It's a great store in downtown Naperville that's really all about us!!!  They have the best treats and the coolest clothes.  I'm glad they had the group in the parade.  I got to get lots of attention (and compliments, of course!) from the nice kids watching the parade.  And it didn't take me long to realize that there was CANDY on the streets!  I tried my best to get some Tootsie Rolls into my tummy but they are so darn hard to chew that Tracy caught me 3 times and made me spit them out.  I'm hoping for a warmer day for next year's parade so the Tootsie Rolls will be softer and I can swallow them faster! 






I am also VERY grateful that Tracy didn't have time to order kilts for us pups to wear.  She thinks it would be darling for Wesley and I to don little kilts for the occasion.  Thank heaven she forgot about it until it was too late.  I'm happy wearing my green garland around my neck, but a kilt - that's just goofy. I saw some men wearing kilts in the parade and I must say, they just looked silly!








Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!


Congrats to Woody!!

My buddy Woody (a Westie of course!) got his AKC Open Agility Jumpers title at the Des Moines trial.  Way to go Woody (and Micky!).  We even have a great video of the exciting run and an exclusive interview of the pair right after their remarkable finish!




AKC 2005 Top Agility Stats

As many of you know, both Wes and I compete in agility.  We have competed in different organizations, but lately we've been doing more AKC (American Kennel Club) competition.  Well, I was quite excited to learn recently that I made the Top 5 list for my breed in Agility.  Yes, the AKC published the top 5 dogs for each breed for agility last year.  I was #4 (I know the top 2 Westies - George and Betz - they are awesome and it was cool to be mentioned in such great company).  A bunch of my friends were on the list too, including my favorite Cairns: Murray and MacKenzie.  Murray's been on many top lists, and this year he and his sister came in at #2 and #4 on the Cairn Terrier agility list.  Very impressive.  Here's a photo of me with my friends, Murray and MacKenzie.  Congrats to all the top agility dogs.  You can see the list at:




Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

The fashion column dedicated to well-dressed canines out there. 

Do Don't
Bianca is an absolute doll in her Springtime Easter dress.  The colors are great on her and the fit is very flattering (empire waists look great on anyone with such slim hips).  The bow by her ear just completes the picture - not too showy, just a little touch of color.  Those of us that know B knows she's not a 'girly girl' - she really hates dresses - but when she's forced to dress up for a holiday, she looks darling! It's never good to try to dress like something you're not and in this case, dressing like a bunny just doesn't work for Wesley.  We know he would have preferred to be wearing Bianca's frock and bow, but instead he was forced into this bunny outfit for the holiday.  He's cute in most anything, but forcing him to pretend is just not a good look.  We vote no on this getup.