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   The Terrier Tattler
April  2007

Hello friends & fans,

Humans are telling me that Spring is here, but they are so WRONG!!!  Yes the grass is green, the plants along the fence have sprouted but it's still so cold!  Spring usually means afternoons where Wes and I spend hours patrolling (ok and lounging) in our back yard.  But it's just too darn cold for that.  I even got a new Easter dress and it was just too chilly for sleeveless.  Well, this his my 6th Spring (yes, I'll be 7 this year!) and I know it will turn warm soon - I just have to be patient (at least that's what Tracy keeps telling me!).  Hopefully it's warmer where YOU are!





The Burden of being the Oldest!

As you may have read in last month's Tattler (March 2007), Tracy and John took a vacation WITHOUT me to San Francisco.  They brought back a present for my brother Wesley, but NOTHING for ME!!!!!  Well, my buddy Toby from Kansas sure can relate to that feeling!  Here's the letter I rec'd from that poor pup!!


Hi Bianca,

Toby Sperle here.  I was really bummed for you when I heard that John and Tracy brought Wesley back something from their trip and you nothing!!!  I always get something, but now that I have a little brother, Michele and Kolin do the "fair" thing, and bring him the exact same thing they bring me, can you believe that!  Case in point; they just went to Disney World for a week and they brought me back this really cool black and red leather collar with Mickey head shapes on it.  I thought it was great, and then here comes the second one out of the bag for Pete, now the whole neighborhood knows were brothers.

Well gotta go, better luck on getting something cool next time.



Thanks for the letter, Toby and hang in there...  Fans, you can see how CUTE and happy Toby looks when he first got his great surprise from Disney....  And then here's the next photo, after his brother Pete got one too!  It's so tough being the oldest sometimes!!!  Your little brother always wants to be like you!






Look Before You Eat!


Both Wesley and I subscribe to the policy of eat first, figure out what you're eating later (yes, we pretty much inhale food!).  But today, you need to really be careful about what's going into your tummies.  You've no doubt heard in the news of the various pet food recalls.  There's a lot of information out there and in this day of the internet, you want to be sure you're getting accurate information.  I recommend the American Veterinary Medical Association as a good source for what's safe and what's not.  Their website is kept up to date with the latest in the pet food recalls (including one just last week on a Salmonella problem).  You can find the AMVA at


The good news for us is that our daily food doesn't contain any wheat gluten and Tracy's gone through all the treats we have stashed in the cellar.  She's also started baking some of our treats - even the stinky salmon brownies - YUMMY!! 






Bianca's Easter Frock - A Fashion DO


I always get a new dress for Easter (even though it was way too cold to wear it this year!).  It is darling, isn't it?!?!  I don't know if you can see all the great detailing - it's got the best trim!  Really cool little pom-pom fringe and pleats!  I SO wanted some white go-go boots to go with it (I promise I won't wear them until after Easter) but Tracy couldn't find any for me.  They would have been perfect for the dress.  Oh well, maybe next year.  The other thing that's a little unfortunate, is that I need to be groomed!  With Tracy's crazy work travel, she can't seem to find time to get to my super stylist, Elaine.  We're finally going to be visiting Elaine's salon in April.  Too bad it wasn't before Easter, because this dress would have been even cuter if I hadn't been so scruffy! 

By the way, Wesley got a soccer jersey that is cute (of course, we can't give ME a present without getting something for the baby brother - ugh).  But since it's MY newsletter, I'm not including a picture of him this time!




Dye is for Easter EGGS (not legs) -

A Fashion DON'T


I know some of those French gals have a great sense of fashion and whole different perspective of grooming, but this is taking it a bit too far.  Yes I'm white (sort of) and my fur would take dye well, but that doesn't mean one should do it.  Here's a poodle that went all out for her Easter outfit.  Maybe this is fashionable in another location, but here in the Midwest US we're not ready for it... 















Agility Dogs Fly!!

As most of you know, my brother Wes and I love to compete in agility.  It's a competition where you and your teammate (a human) run an obstacle course, in a predefined order.  The course is different every time and it's the human's job to learn the course and direct the dog to the correct obstacle.  Some dogs are REALLY fast, some a little slower, but it's hard to imagine how quickly the world zooms by when a dog is running the course.  Go to the following link to see what the course is like from a dog's perspective:


And Agility Isn't Just for DOGS!!

Very timely, since Easter has just passed.  Check out the video of Bunny Agility:




Pup Pics

We love photos of pups, please send yours to








Honey is a Sweetie!


This darling little Shih-tzu has found a great home in the Chicagoland area.  Three year old Honey has had some health problems but she's doing great now and loving her new life as a princess in the Schwartz home! 









Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to




Girls Have More Fun!


My Cairn friend MacKenzie is the cutest little thing!  She's a very talented agility pup, but she sometimes gets a little stressed.  At a recent trial in Des Moines, MacKenzie's dad Scott thought MacKenzie might have fun running with a girl.  So, Tracy and the little MacKenzie tore up the jumpers course!  It was fun and MacKenzie ran with Tracy for the entire course.  She's pretty brave, because she's never even practiced with Tracy, but since Tracy gave her lots of treats before they went into the ring, she figured it was worth staying close to her!  They pair did really well - just one weave pole short of a perfect run! 






A Bella Performance!


Lab buddy Bella got her U-AGI title last month!  Big Congrats to Bella and Michelle!!