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   The Terrier Tattler
April/May  2008

Hello fans and friends -

Yes, I know.... this newsletter is way, way overdue.  It's a good thing I'm so unforgettable!  I'd hate to stage some tabloid-type antics like some Superstars do so their fans don't forget about them!  Please know that even though you may not hear from me every month, you are always on my mind.  I love hearing from my fans all over the world - keep those cards and emails coming!

Well, I think Spring may have actually arrived in Chicago.  Tonight Tracy actually took us for a walk after she came home from work – the first time in a LONG time!!!  There were squirrels and bunnies to chase and we got to visit my favorite pet store downtown: Two Bostons.  I love that place!!  They always give me treats when I visit them!   And they send us coupons for our birthdays....  (by the way, my birthday is May 13!)...  Have a great SPRING!!! 




Staying Fit!

As many of you know, Wesley and I both compete in AKC Agility Events around the midwest (ok, Wes doesn't really 'compete' but he does run at the compettitions and have a lot of fun).  Well, agility requires athletic ability, intelligence and a human handler that can instruct you on the course layout.  To keep myself in tip-top shape, I work out regularly with my friends at Integrative Pet Care.  Dr. Julie Mayer and the rest of the superb staff at IPC have been key in helping me recover after my TPLO cruciate repair last year.  Even though I've recovered from the TPLO, I still visit IPC to stay in top form.  I love swimming there and the physical therapists have taught Tracy appropriate exercises for my specific needs. 

Recently IPC held a special seminar for other US vets on rehab therapies.  Well, of course you can't showcase these cool techniques without good specimens to demo on... so guess who was invited to be 'demo dogs'?  Yep... both Wesley and I got to spend the day with our friends at IPC.  Here's photos of us during our 'spa day'...  Wes was with his favorite rehab therapist Doris in the wet lab...  while I was busy doing therapeutic exercise and getting massages.  This makes staying in shape so much fun!!!





On the Road Again...

As you know, Wes and I recently spent a week on the beach with Tracy & John.  We love adventuring away from home and so do many of our friends.  Cairn buddies Molly and Skippy spent March out West.  They visited Zion National Park – here’s a photo of Skippy enjoying the beautiful scenery.  It was a fun roadtrip and they got to see plenty of fun sights along the way – like state capitols.  Here’s Jim and Molly in front of the capitols of one of my favorite states: IOWA! 





I'd love to hear about your road trips.  Please share your adventure stories and photos!!













Agility Fun for A Good Cause


The Sit, Stay, Walk for the Curt Team of Dog Trainers is holding a fund raising event at the German Shepherd Dog Training Club in Hanover Park, IL, on Saturday, May 31st, to benefit the American Cancer Society. 


It's an obedience and rally match...... and a HUGE raffle with new items that will knock your socks off!!!  The community has donated gift certificates for dinners, services, and tons of new doggy items.  There will also be GAMES all day so even if you don't compete in obedience, you can still bring your dog and have fun - all while supporting a good cause!! 

The obedience and rally match must be pre-entered.  Click HERE to download the PDF form.   Email me ( if you need more info and I'll get you in touch with them.



Pup (& Kitty) Pics






'Little' Brother for Breeze


I've known my buddy Breeze for years.  We're not the same breed (she's a Corgi, I'm a Westie) but we do have alot in common - we're both short in stature but very long on the attitude scale!!  Well, she's got something I don't have - a brand new baby brother!! JASPER is a Golden Retriever puppy that her mom Joan brought home.  And although Jasper is Breeze's size now, she's going to grow much larger.  But if I know Breeze, she's still be the Queen of the family! 

Welcome to the Castell clan, Jasper!











Congrats New Mom Ernestine!

You've heard about Wesley's best friends, the dachshunds that we sometimes travel with...  Well one of the cute little wiener dogs, Ernestine had her first litter of puppies.  She had two little guys - a girl and a boy.  Here they are aat three weeks old.  The girl is the chubby one - pretty darn cute - huh?!








A Belated Birthday Wish

Jack will like to say Happy Birthday to Hailey, she is turning four on March 8. He will also like thank her for finally sharing some of her things ( including personal space ) and promises to never EVER help her to finish bully sticks, flossies or crumble cookies. Most of all, he promises he will NEVER enter her crate and try to eat food from her plate, even if it has been sitting there for a while,  or to lick her empty food plate. :-).






Myla's Southern Comfort


Meet Dixee (aka Myla's Southern Comfort) sitting pretty in her new home with Jill and Rudee Weinberg.  What a lucky and very cute miniature Schnauzer girl!




I'm also hoping that my Auntie Pat will send me pictures of Widjit for next month's newsletter!!!  She helped raise me when I was a puppy but she lives a long way away now.  She has a new puppy but I haven't see any pictures yet :-( !!


Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to






UNO's Really #1!

My buddy Uno's new name is:  Am CH Eis Haus First & Foremost Kando CGC, TDI

He finished the end of March with a third major in Syracuse!  And Baron took Reserve (2nd place) to Uno.  Baron just needs one more major to finish and we have 2 shows this weekend- fingers crossed!

Uno's latest pictures are on his webpage:

Big congrats!!!







Many MACH Murray!

Well Murray’s done it again.  My little Cairn buddy got his MACH 7 at the Oshkosh AKC Agility trial early in April  It’s a really fun trial and I’m sorry we weren’t there to help them celebrate.  Big congratulations to our friends Murray and Scott!










Other Talented Animals

Artistic Elephant

This is one incredible elephant!  I've heard of cats that can paint, but I've never seen Isabella do anything like this:


Mouse Agility

I've shown dog agility, rabbit agility and even Barbi agility on my website before.  Now here's MOUSE agility: