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The Terrier Tattler

The Terrier Tattler
One of my agility pals, DB, had a great
March!  DB, a very cute chocolate lab,
finished her UACH (UKC Agility
Champion!!) title.  To top this off, she has
also accomplished both her AKC Novice
Agility title and her AKC Novice
Obedience!!!  Very cool!! Congratulations to
DB (and of course, her handler Michelle!).
April 2004
Thank you for the outstanding response to my first newsletter.  There
were many great suggestions for the newsletter’s name.  It was a tough
decision - and the winner is
The Terrier Tattler.  Yes, I know it's very
surprising it doesn't have
BIANCA included in it!!!  But I thought it was
very unusual and creative.  Many thanks to Julie Dorsey for submitting
this winning entry.  Julie is the winner of a Terrier-certified pup toy,
compliments of Deanna Shannon!!!  Thanks, Deanna!!
Please note that although the title refers to
TERRIERs, this newsletter
is for ALL BREEDS!!   Several of you asked if you could forward this site
on to other people.  
Absolutely!  I know there are many people who have
not yet had the pleasure of meeting me!

April is a very fun, messy time here.  With the snow melting and April showers, there is plenty of
soft ground to run on.  Wesley and I have found when we run along the fence time and time
again, we can create a really cool, slippery mud path.  We turn into ½ white and ½ black dogs!!  
Our undersides get just filthy – it’s great!  John makes us stay locked in the kitchen until
we’re dry or it’s off to the basement ‘dog shower’ for an undercarriage wash!  

I hope you enjoy this edition. I'm excited to include our first guest reporter, my cousin Maddie.  
Although I am clueless when it come to politics and the newsletter does not support any one
candidate, I'm very excited about how she's working for something she believes in.  I'm also
introducing a new column -
Ab Fabs!  where we will share the achievements of my four legged

Please don't hesitate to visit the Contact Us page to submit any suggestions or feedback.  
Happy Easter everyone - and good luck chasing that darn Easter Rabbit!  
Ab Fabs!!
Absolutely Fabulous Accomplishments
submit your Ab Fabs at
Contact Us
Wes get’s tons of compliments everytime he
dons his newest chapeau.  This burberry-like
print is very fashionable and the brim coming
just above his eyes accents one of his best
features.  It's no wonder he distracts Abby in
Bianca is one of those dogs that looks best
without a hat.  A hat would be advantageous
to cover those ‘larger than standard’ ears, but
she just doesn’t have the features to pull it
off.  Another style and color choice would be
preferred – something with a larger brim and
more vibrant color.
Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
Spring is here and there's no better time to sport a new bonnet or hat!!  However, not all
mammals are created equal when it comes to the fine art of millinery.  For example,  
Aunt Lisa has a great ‘hat head’ – she looks great in almost any style.   Bianca  on the
other hand, does not (see DON’T below).  
My name is Maddie and I am Wesley and Bianca’s cousin from
Iowa.  My mom, Lisa Wilson has been volunteering since October
for John Kerry’s campaign.  Since Iowa was the first state in the
nation to hold a caucus in January, there was lots of work to be
done before then.
Mom worked four nights a week at campaign headquarters making
calls to voters telling them how John Kerry is the candidate that will
change America for the better.  I missed mom being gone a lot but
I know it was for a good cause.  Mom’s friend Matt who worked for
the campaign would take me with them as we would drive around
Des Moines and pick up supporter cards.  That was fun for me and
Matt even let me ride on his lap!  I became the office mascot and
my picture was posted right along side of John Kerry’s.  
Dogs for John Kerry
by Maddie
I didn’t get the chance to meet John Kerry but my mom did.  Mom drove John Kerry to the airport
one morning but I didn’t get to go on that trip.  We will continue to work to make sure we send
John Kerry to the White House.  Mom and I would love to work for John Kerry in Washington.  I
think I would love to go for walks with mom on the Mall in DC.  As mom always says, JK ALL THE
Our friend, Tizzi, has been climbing the charts as well.  Tizzi
is a very sleek, beautiful, long legged (yes, don't you just envy
those females with long thin legs!!!) Doberman.  WOW, Tizzi
has been BIZZI!  At the Smack Dab's UKC Obedience Trial
on Sat. 3/27 she got her last leg needed to earn her U-CD
Obedience title.  YAHOO!!!!!  
She is now officially known as U-CD  U-ACH  Smack-Dab's
Sky High  CD  NA  NAJ  CGC, but of course, she's just Tizzi to
her friends!