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   The Terrier Tattler
August 2006

Hello friends & fans Ė


It's pretty darn amazing - we're actually getting an August newsletter published!!!  And it's only a few days into the month.  It's incredible since my assistant has started going on the road Monday-Thursday every week!!  She said she'll try to continue working for me monthly, but the newsletters may be a bit shorter.  If I could only pay her what her other job does, I could have her all to myself.  Unfortunately, Nordstrom doesn't take payment in dog kisses! 


It's been a very steamy summer lately.  I love this weather, but my brother Wes and Tracy both wilt.  Give me a lake and I don't care if it's 100 every day!  Speaking of lakes, our annual summer camp weekend is this month and I can't wait.  Stay tuned to next month's Tattler for all the photos and fun from our Dog Days in Wisconsin camp.  My friends Breezy (the corgi) and Ernie (the golden) will be there again, with some new-to-camp friends. I'll give you all the details next month - and an update on how 'rowdy' our cabin is at this year's camp!





Flaunt Your Stuff with Freestyle!


In my April 2005 edition of The Tattler, I highlighted a very cool canine event, Musical Freestyle.  Well, I've got a new friend Lucy the poodle that is a superstar at this event!  I've been begging Tracy to take me to a class, but it hasn't fit into her schedule, so she arranged for me to get a little private instruction from Lucy and her mom, Jan Conradt.  They shared some of the basics and demonstrated a couple of their moves. 


Lucy recommends you check out if you want more information.  Or you can feel free to contact Lucy via her mom, Jan Conradt at  She's happy to answer any questions or supply additional information regarding training and resources. 







Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to



Multi-talented Wesley

Wes had quite a month in July.  He got titles in two very different organizations!  One for his therapy dog work and the other recognition for his agility accomplishments.


TDIA - Therapy Dog International awards the TDIA (Therapy Dog Int Active) award for dogs that make 50 documented therapy visits to facilities.  Well, two years ago Wes and Tracy started visiting a local nursing/rehab center bi-weekly.  Wes absolutely loves his work at the center and the needless to say, the residents love him too.  One day when they were leaving the facility, Tracy was very worried to find blood on the side of Wes' ear.  As she investigated the 'blood' she realized it was really bright red lipstick - from an admirer's kiss!!  Keep up the good work, Wes, and take all the kisses you can get!


MXP and MJP - After Wes' knee surgery 18+ months ago, Tracy didn't know if Wes would still want to run agility.  Then it was discovered he had a couple of fused vertebrae in his back, and she thought maybe that was it.  Yet, the doctors said agility was great exercise for Wes and the little guy does like it.  So they kept running for the fun of it.  Well, that fun paid off when Wesley got both his MXP and MJP AKC Agility titles at Glen Carbon, IL the end of July!  It was a steamy weekend and his 'winning' runs were at the end of the day on both Saturday and Sunday.  What a great feat for my little brother -  each title requires 10 PERFECT Excellent B agility runs under course time!   I couldn't be more proud! 








UACHX Skippy

It seems like just yesterday when I first met Cairn Skippy at a UKC Agility Trial at Smack-Dab's.  I really like him because he has very prominent ears, just like me! Well, the big guy has been tearing up the agility courses and in July he got his UACHX title!! 













You Oughta Be In Pictures



As you may know, Wes is the professional model of the family.  This past month his cute face was the hit of Bangor, Maine!  Yes, he made his debut in the Bangor Daily News!  They contacted Tracy and asked if they could have rights to use a photo of Wes they had come across online.  The photo would be used in an ad for one of their feature columns that was doing a special on doggie fashion day!  Who could be a better choice for the ad? 


We donít have a clue how they found the photo (it was used in a back-issue of The Tattler) but Iím sure everyone is Bangor is thrilled they did!








I also made a debut in print recently.  One of my favorite places to visit is Integrative Pet Care (they love me there!).  Sometimes Wes and I may visit Dr. Mayer (our vet chiropractor) but usually I get to workout in the resistance pool.  Itís a huge blast!  One of my friends Anna or Doris  get in the pool with me and guess what they do!?!?!  They throw a tennis ball for me!!  My very favorite activity Ė retrieving tennis balls in the water!  Iím so good at it, that they even used me in their newsletter recently (click here to see their newsletter - I'm on page 2!).    Wes gets lots of exercise there - underwater treadmill (here's a photo of him while walking) and he gets special 'fitness' time with Dee.  It's great fun.  We even discovered another great exercise for me there Ė jump at the hair dryer!   I try my darndest to keep that loud dryer from blowing, but the girls watching all laugh at me?! 















And we're not the only stars to hit the press!  Check out this ad that will be in the September UKC Bloodlines.  Elijah is one of my agility buddies from way back.  He's a big guy and looks really tough, but he's a sweetheart. 


His new brother Sonny D is a superstar too!


















Everyone knows that Brazilian girls are beauties.  Cindy is no exception.  And she's got great fashion sense - don't you just love the bows in her hair!  Just a touch of color without going overboard.   I would love to go visit her sometime, I think we would have a great time together!








Does Your Screen Need a Cleaning?

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