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   The Terrier Tattler
August 2008

Hello fans and friends -

It's been a great July.  As most of you know, Tracy had surgery on July 1 so she's been recovering at home with Wesley and I.  It's been great having her at home with us, even if she won't take us for walk or run with us yet.  She is able to scratch my tummy and throw my ball, which is more important than anything else, so I'm VERY HAPPY.

A thought about dogs vs cats.  I don't have a ton of experience with cats  - we just have one in our house, Isabella and she's really quite boring.  I can't really speak to her intelligence because she really doesn't do anything that requires any thought whatsoever.  But in looking at some exercise videos online (you know how I love to workout on the treadmill) I found something interesting that may speak volumes on which species is smarter...  cats or dogs...  Here are two videos...  you decide:

A Westie Walking on a treadmill:

A Cat Walking on a treadmill:

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I've got summer camp at a lake in central Wisconsin the end of August!!!  Woo hoo!                                                                                                                                             Bianca


Olympic Fever

I love sports (especially anything that involves water or running).  As I'm sure you know, the Olympics are taking place this month in China.  Now that would be a cool place to visit (I wonder if the Scotties are visiting there!).  Well, I may not make it to the Olympics but at least I've had the pleasure of competing against an Olympic athlete. 


Many of you may be familiar with Greg Louganis, the world champion diver from the 1980's.  Greg was a superstar from the Seoul Olympics in 1988.  Today he is a superstar on the dog agility circuit.  Since he lives in Florida I don't see him often, but I've competed against his JRT at the AKC Agility Invitational in 2006 and 2007 in Long Beach and recently Greg and his pups came to up to Illinois.  Here's a photo of my buddy Skippy with Greg (what can I say, Skippy's always a sucker for  photo op!). 









Beat the Heat


July and August can be very hot and humid months here in Chicago .  Some people love this summer weather, but it can be deadly for many pets.  Here are some simple quick reminders… 

Make sure you have plenty of fresh, cool water available.  Even if you’re taking your pup out for a walk or trip, they can get thirsty quickly in hot, steamy weather.  A quick tip from Tracy …  when we’re out on a walk, if she doesn’t have a cup or bowl for water, she’ll use a plastic bag (an unused poop bag will work just fine).  Put a little water from a drinking fountain in the plastic bag, roll down the sides and sit it on the ground – it forms a little bowl and works perfectly to give Wesley and me a drink while we’re on the town - and she ALWAYS has a plastic bag!


NEVER leave your dog alone in a car on warm day.  Even with the windows open the temperature rises very quickly.  Tracy carries an extra car key with her, so if she must leave us in the car….  She leaves the car running, with the air conditioner on for our comfort.  She locks the door so we’re all safe, but since she has an extra key, she can unlock the car when she returns.  Sure it uses a little extra gas, but an idling car really doesn’t use that much gas, and this time of year it ensure we stay cool and safe.


Don’t exercise when it’s really HOT – if you are going to exercise outdoors it’s best to do it early morning or evening.


Pools can be very dangerous for pets.  You should prevent free access to pools or ponds from your pets, just as you would from children. 


Tracy has put a frozen ½ liter water bottle in my crate.  It wasn’t for me to drink, but it was something cool for me to lay next.  There are also some dog jackets, special beds, and collars that are specially made for keeping you cool.  Here are a few (I don’t have any experience with any of these – just found them online):




On the Road Again...

My assistant Tracy's day job sometimes takes her into 'the city' (that means downtown Chicago) where she's among big tall buildings, lots of cars, lots of people, a big lake.  I've never been to Chicago, but I would love to go there sometime.  Well, on one of her 'city' days, Tracy met Scottie, a Westie that lives in the city!  He was in a courtyard near where she parks and she talked with Scottie's pack leader. 

Not only does Scottie have the excitement of city living, he has also traveled the western US, where he visited Mount Rushmore - almost sitting in for Teddy Roosevelt in this cute photo of the famous landmark!  




And the state capitol of Minnesota is...

You may recall that earlier in the year Skippy and Molly vacationed to the western USA.  They shared with us a photo in front of the Iowa State Capital building in Des Moines.  Last month during a romantic getaway to Minnesota and Wisconsin, they took time to visit the State Capitol of Minnesota.  Here's Skippy and Molly (with Jim) in front of the Capital Building in St. Paul. 





I have since learned that many dogs get to travel some pretty cool places.... Look at this video of two Scotties that have been a bunch of cool places.  I've only flown to California.  Something doesn't seem fair here.  


Pup Pics

We LOVE photos of pups!!!  Send yours to 



Finally - A Photo From Aunt Pat!!


You may recall from the April/May 2008 Tattler my Auntie Pat from Kansas has a new puppy named Barney (he was named Widjit but has been given his new 'forever' name of Barney which suits him really well). 


I am very happy to report that I have finally received a photo of Barney!  Thank you so much, Pat!  Barney is such a cutie, and I know how lucky he is to be with Aunt Pat.  She helped raise me when I was a puppy and she's a great mom! 









My Little Sister, Sparky! 


I just received a photo from one of my little sisters, Sparky.  She's two years younger than I am, one year younger than Wesley.  She looks a lot like Wesley, but Sparky and I are truly SISTERS!!!  We both have love to watch TV and both of us growl and want to attack those nasty dogs and other critters that come into our houses on those odd devices.  Here's a photo of my little sis protecting her family from some wild creature on their TV! 



And my sister also has a new little brother in her house... a little brother, Skippy.  He's a Rat Terrier mix - kind of like my cousin Maddie!  Sparky really loves him and was so happy when he came into their home two years ago (even if he doesn't watch TV!).











Cody's a Cutie!



Kelly and Matt Vail have added another member to their family - this time a four-legged member!  Cody was bred in Kentucky but is happy to have made his home in the Western Suburbs  of Chicago.  He's about 5 months old and really cute.  And I remember how much energy pups have at that age.  Probably a really good thing he's joining the two kids with Kelley and Matt - along with that good sturdy crate where he can get a good rest when he's tuckered out from all that play time!












A New Camp Buddy - Oliver!


As you know, my brother Wes and I go to summer camp every August.  Well, one of our camp buddies Gretchen has a new little brother than will be joining her this year.  Her mom Janet has brought a cute little Maltese/Yorkie/Poodle mix into their family.   His name is Oliver and he's almost six months old. 


If I didn't know better, I'd think he was part Westie because his ears sure look a lot like mine did when I was his age.  He sure is a cutie, isn't he?!  Can't wait to meet him at camp!






Good night Sweetheart...

Do any of you out there have a tough time falling asleep?  Maybe you need a good lullaby...  check out these little pups... We don't know this guy, but what a sweet video.  Thanks for sharing it, Barb!






A Bicycle Built for TWO!

This month I'm pleased to share a very fun product review from one my Cairn Terrier friends, Skippy.  He and his sister Molly are frequent automobile travelers with 'mom & dad', Shell and Jim.  Well, now those adventures don't stop at the minivan, but can continue with Jim and Shell jump on their bicycles!   Check out Skippy and Jim riding along with Skippy's new Snoozer Bicycle Seat, which attaches to Jim's bicycle.

The seat is very sturdy and securely buckles in Skippy so he's safe during the ride, which he absolutely loves!


If you have any neat products (toys, beds, treats, etc) that you've experienced and would like to share with us, please email me at  The readers love to hear first paw reviews like last month's ProCollar review from Roxy! 




Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to






UKC Premier Best in Agility - Bunny & Penny!

Wesley and I used to run in an agility venue called UKC (the United Kennel Club).  It was really fun and we met some very nice people, that are among our very favorite agility people today.  One of those people is Penny (I really like her and I kind of like her dog Bunny which is saying a lot coming from me!).  They are an awesome agility team and recently went to the UKC Premier, where the top dogs from 2007 competed.  Well, the team did a fabulous job - running fast and clean to win the top spot. 

Big congratulations to Penny and Bunny!




Murray's the Master of MACH!


My Cairn Terrier buddy Murray earned his 8th MACH (2nd this year) at the 4 day Gateway Agility Club of St. Louis. He earned his 20 Dbl Q’s in 22 attempts.  According to the Agility Ability MACH list, only 54 dogs have achieved this mark. In his 8 runs, he had 6 - 1st place runs and 2- 2nd place runs.  He truly is Robot Dog!!!! As a matter of fact, he's even completed courses after Scott has fallen down on his behind!  Pretty incredible!  Big congratulations to them both.  Wow - 8 MACHS!  No Westie has ever gotten more than 2 and only 2 have ever even done that!! 







Agility without the equipment!

You don't need to purchase specialized obstacles to do agility - all you need are some extra humans...