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   The Terrier Tattler
December 2005

Hello friends & fans  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (I know lots of my friends went to the trial in Merrillville and found some pretty great Q's to be thankful for!).  We spent the holiday weekend in Iowa which is always a blast.  It was pretty chilly though and we didn't spend as much time outdoors as I like to.  But we did find time to chase the cats and play with our cousin Maddie. 


I love Thanksgiving - it's my favorite holiday probably because of all the food (I did get some turkey and ham snuck to me after dinner!).  But I also really like reflecting on  all the great things I have to be thankful for in my life.  I've included an article on that this month with input from a few of my friends. 


We have a short newsletter this month.  I always have plenty to yak about, but my assistant Tracy has this thing called 'work' which she sometimes lets take priority over ME!  I know she leaves the house many days to do this work thing, but I don't really understand it.  All I know is she's got some new stuff happening there and she hasn't had as much Bianca time, which I find very confusing because I thought I was her #1 Priority!!  Anyway, hopefully next month's edition will be a bit longer and I'll get to tell you about all the great Xmas gifts I got!! 


Happy Holidays to each of you!!!!  And best wishes for a wonderful New Year 2006!!!









I'm Thankful For.....

In last month's edition of the The Terrier Tattler, I asked you to consider what you're thankful for in your abundant life.  Here's what a few of my friends shared (thanks for sharing, guys!):


From Greyce & Bailey Malmstrom (yes, they're cats but their still Bianca fans!)


We're thankful for:


Bugs that get into the house they are fun to stalk and catch

Sunbeams on the carpet they are so relaxing to lay in

Watching our neighbors through the front window


Sunday afternoon naps with mommy

A warm, loving home 

Friends like you


Each other

From my favorite human friend Julie and her dobes:


I'm thankful for every day that my dogs and I are healthy enough to run and play. It doesn't matter if the sun is out or if it's raining.......each day we are able to take walks together, each day I am able to feel their soft fur and see their beautiful eyes, each day we have together is precious.  And I'm thankful for friends and family that love and care for their dogs as much as I do.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!



From my wiener friend Godiva


I am thankful for so many things; a loving family, even the odd shih-tzu I live with. But I have to say I am really thankful for bully sticks and tennis balls. Also thankful for great friends like Bianca and Wesley and Bianca's newsletter always keeps me informed.



Bianca's Story of Thanks

No, you don't hear me get all serious or introspective very often, but I had an awakening several weeks ago that I want to share with you all. 


I was at a trial at one of my favorite places up in Spring Grove, IL.  One of my fierce competitors, Kirby  (a very pretty Bichon that runs a mean agility course) was there.  During a break when Tracy and I were walking outside the building, I saw Kirby's assistant Patti walking a different dog (not Kirby).  This dog was VERY different than Kirby.  She was about the same height but thinner and she only walked on 3 legs - she held up one of her back legs when she walked.  She seemed happy, but how could she be with a leg she couldn't use.  And what was she doing at an agility trial?  I was very puzzled and feel sort of self-righteous.  Then I overheard Tracy speaking with Patti about the little dog....


Her name is Melanie and she's only 4 years old (she looked like she was 10!).  Unfortunately, Melanie's first 4 years were not pleasant ones.  While Wes and I have spent 4 years playing in the backyard, chasing squirrels, and sleeping in Tracy's bed, poor Melanie was confined to a small cage in a puppy mill.   I was horrified to hear about it.   The reason she wasn't using her back leg was because it had been broken and she was never taken to a doctor for treatment!  Can you imagine, she was just left in the cage and continually bred again and again.  What a horrible place - I told Tracy I want to find out more about this awful places and do an article on them but she started crying when she was doing the research.  I guess it's even worse than I can imagine.


Anyway, I now understand why Melanie was so happy to be hopping around outside that agility trial on her 3 good legs.  She was finally outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, the grass and Melanie loves most of all, getting love from really nice people (she just loves to lay on Patti's lap and get petted).  Meeting Melanie gave me a 'kick in the seat' - making me remember everything I  have to be Thankful for,  I hope Melanie continues to grow stronger and healthier every day and I do know for sure that 2006 is going to be a much happier year for the cute little pup! 




Wes Gets Buff!


Wesley started a new exercise program to strengthen his 'glutes' - his right hip area was a little weak so Tracy started taking him to therapy once a week.  It sounds like a ball - he gets to swim in a resistance pool for 10-15 minutes.  Here's a picture of him at the pool, one of shots shows him with his therapist who is really great with him, since Wes is not a water fan like I am.  He is getting braver and swimming more. 





Tracy is also doing exercises with him everyday.  They look pretty simple to me, but I guess if you have a weak butt they're a little harder.  He's getting better at those too and we're thinking it may be making a difference on the agiltiy course. At the early December WAG Agility Trial Wes ran really well.  He even walked away with 3 first places from the weekend and got 2 legs towards his GRACH title.  One of friends even said she had a hard time telling if it was me or him running!  Maybe all that work is paying off. 



Ab Fabs!!
Absolutely Fabulous Accomplishments - submit your Ab Fabs to 





UACH Breezy!!!     

You may recall that really cute corgi I went to camp with this past summer.  Her name is Breeze and she (with the assistance of her mom Joan) got their UACH at the UKC Agility Trial at WAG on 12/4/05. Here they are with judge Deb Richey.

What a great holiday present for them!  Breeze is so fast, Wes loves to play and run with her, but she and I are too much alike to really appreciate each other!



GRACH Bianca!!! 

The United Kennel Club introduced a new agility title this year: the Grand Agility Champion.  To achieve the title you must have qualifying runs in all 3 UKC classes in the same trial (in other words 3 very good runs all on the same day!!) AND you have to do that FIVE times!  Well, I got my last 'triple Q' to give me my GRACH at the UKC Agility Trial at WAG on 12/3/05.  Sure takes the pressure off now that I've got that title behind me!