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We had several issues: Sniffing distractions (Bianca!!), taking 20 seconds to
perform a 'sit' on the table (naughty Wes!), Handler Error (Tracy's fault).  However,
Wesley did receive a 90 (out of 100) on his Sunday Open Jumpers with Weaves
run!!!  Also, Wesley was the ONLY 12 inch dog that had a qualifying run, so he
received FIRST PLACE!!!

Also, a
BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our friend Cricket from Bettendorf!!  Cricket
received a double Q (two qualifying runs on Sunday)!!!  One of those Q's was her
final Open Standard leg, which means she now competes at the EXCELLENT
Standard level.  

If you would like to see a few of the agility runs from Des Moines - check out the
links below!
 (please note, the quality is lower to keep the file size smaller but you'll get an  idea of the runs.  Also,
Windows Media Player is required).
Agility videos:

Wesley's Qualifying Jumpers Run - 1st Place!

Wes' 20 seconds too long Standard Run!

Bianca's Sniffing-Agilty Event!

Cricket Shows Us How It's Done!!

Des Moines Agility Trial - March 13-14, 2004

Many thanks to the Bianca & Wesley
Iowa Fan Club
(at right - Uncle Bill, Aunt
Janet, Aunt Elaine & Cousin Ray)
supporting us at the recent AKC
Agility Trial in Des Moines.  Also,
thanks to cousin Ray for helping with
dog management!