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The Terrier Tattler
February 2005
I’m happy February is finally here – and maybe a better start to 2005!  As some of
you know, my assistant Tracy had emergency surgery on January 3 to remove her
ruptured appendix.  Then while she was in the hospital she had some further
problems: pneumonia then pleurisy.  Wesley and I were really concerned - I mean
we love John, but let's face it - Tracy has worked for us our entire life!  Tracy has
been away from us before, but this time she didn’t pack and take a suitcase or
give us a big kiss goodbye.  We were so excited when she finally came home after
7 days in the hospital!  Tracy is back home and is able to work part-time for few
weeks.  She was doing great, but early Feb she came down with
pseudomembraneous colitis - caused by a bacteria called C Diff.  She had a really
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Misty is X-cellent!
My buddy Misty (and her handler Melanie) accomplished something I've been working on for a while!  
The last Sunday in January Misty got her 5th qualifying leg in AG-III to achieve her U-ACHX title.  She
needed a score of 196 out of 200 and she cut it close with a 196.1!!  Yes, she really made Melanie work
for it!  

Misty gets to retire from agility after this great accomplishment.   She'll be focusing on her Therapy Work
now.  Melanie will still get her agility workouts with Tess - who is guaranteed to make her work every bit
Basic obedience is a requirement for a healthy, happy dog.  We should all know the simple sit, stay,
come, heel commands – even though it’s sometimes really hard to listen and obey!  Some dogs are
really skilled a obedience tasks and demonstrate their skills in competition.

Obedience Trials test a dog’s ability to perform a variety of exercises on which it is scored.  Obedience
requires a close bond between the dog and handler.  In each of the exercises, the team must score
more than 50% of the possible points and obtain a total score over 170 of 200 possible points.  If the
dog scores over 170, he receives a qualifying ‘leg’ toward an obedience title.  After a dog has
accomplished 3 legs at his level, he achieves that level’s title.  There are three obedience levels at which
a dog can compete and earn a title.  Each level builds in difficulty.  The three levels are:

Novice: After a dog accomplishes 3 legs at this level, he is awarded the Companion Dog (CD) title.  
Novice exercises consist of the dog heeling on both on and off leash at different speeds, come when
called, stay with a group of other dogs when told, and stand for a simple physical exam.

Open: This second level results in your dog earning a Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.  The
exercises are similar to Novice exercises, but off-leash and for longer periods.  There are also jumping
and retrieving tasks.

Utility: The final obedience level results in a Utility Dog (UD) title.  This is quite an accomplishment!  In
addition to more difficult exercises, the dog must also perform scent discrimination tasks.

OTCH and UDX: Dogs that have obtained their UD can earn points at the Utility level classes.  These
points count toward the Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) title.  UD dogs that compete and earn legs in
Utility level classes at 10 shows receive the Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) title.

Sound like fun?  Many of my dog friends compete regularly and have accomplished CD, CDX and UD
titles!  If you want to check it out, you can find obedience trials in your area by searching the AKC site:
// .  Select Competition Type: Obedience Trials, then select your state.  Also,
there is a big dog show at McCormick Place in Chicago the last weekend in February.  It’s really fun – the
have a variety of competition: Conformation, Agility and Obedience.  I hope to be there in the Agility
competition (pending my assistant Tracy’s recovery!).  

As for my obedience future, it’s black – but my brother Wesley may start on that circuit.  He’d be pretty
good – he’s very good at obeying Tracy.  Yes, he’s confused about who is REALLY  the BOSS!  
Jump, Shadow, Jump!!!

Labs are such great family dogs - AND
agility dogs!  Shadow earned an OAJ
(AKC Open Agility Jumpers) title.  This is
a great accomplishment and now
Shadow gets to run at the Excellent A
level (yes, earning new titles are great
but then you have to move up to the next
level which is usually tougher.  But
Shadow's ready for the challenge.  Way
to go Shadow (and Michelle!).
I highlight different dog activities/events each newsletter.  This month's event is one I would hate:
OBEDIENCE!  Unless it's someone being 'obedient' to ME, I'm not interested.  But no, this requires the
As always send me your feedback and suggestions at  
Contact Us.    I also welcome contributions from
you about your favorite activities!                                                                                   -Bianca
rough week but now that we know what it is, we're all feeling better. Hopefully this latest round of antibiotics
will work and she'll be able to take me to my agility classes soon!!!  

You may recall when Wesley had surgery a few months back (See December Terrier Tattler), he allowed
me to include a few photos of his incision.  Unfortunately, Tracy isn’t as accommodating.  She has refused
to allow me to include a photo of her incision or recovery.  Sorry, I tried, but she said she’s shown her
abdomen to enough people over the past month.  

Happy Valentines Day to all my sweet fans and friends out there!  There are lots of really great Ab Fab
accomplishments in this month's Tattler (complete with information about one of my National
Championship friends!) and a special article on a topic that I shy away from: Obedience!
Skippy Skips Through the Course!!

One of my Cairn buddies, Skippy, had some great runs at the Smack Dab trial on Jan 1-2!  Skippy already
has his AG2 title, so he's working hard on getting 100 points.  Well, he got 7 points and even a FIRST
Cairn Terriers are just the cutest dogs (you remember Toto from the Wizard of Oz - he was a Cairn).  
However, when one thinks of super star agility dogs Cairns don't come to mind.  Until now!  Murray is an
incredible Cairn - excellent at agilty (and he's really nice too!).  Murray had some very special
accomplishments in January.  He participated in the AKC National Agility Championships in Florida.  He
competed against the best dogs in the country.  There were over 200 dogs in his height class.
Master Agility Champion - MURRAY!!!
At the beginning of the competition Murray
earned a 'Double Q' (he qualified in both of his
runs on the same day!).  This was a very special
Double Q since it earned Murray his MACH
(Master Agility Champion).  Earning a MACH is
an incredible accomplishment for any Agility dog
and winning it at the Nationals was pretty
special.  Murray is the youngest Cairn to ever
earn a MACH and the first MACH Cairn in Illinois!

To make the weekend even more special,
Murray had more great runs and was one of the
top 14 dogs in his height class to make it into
the FINALS!  He's the first Cairn ever to run in the
finals!  And he finished in 9th place -

Of course, Scott (Murray's handler) played an
important role in this - after Agility is a team
event.  Big congratulations to Murray and Scott.  
The AKC National Agility Championship will be
on TV!!!  It's on Animal Planet February 13 at
7PM CST.  I don't know if Murray will make the
television cut, but this is a great
accomplishment and we're all really proud of
him (and Scott).

MACH Murray's sister MacKenzie
celebrated her second birthday!  
She's a sweetie and so full of
energy.  How does MacKensie get
moving early in the morning?  No
caffeine for her - no, her assistant
Scott hides her food in the snow
and she digs right in to find it.  
Nothing like a little snow on your
muzzle to wake you in the morning!  
Might want to consider that if you
find yourself a little sluggish in the
Happy Birthday MacKenzie!!!!  

My favorite Rottie, Elijah has a new brother: Sonny D.  
Here he is with Nancy and Hoover.  What a cutey, but
wow - I think he's already bigger than me!  Nancy can't
wait to start training him.  Also, for those Elijah B. fans
out there, he's doing really well after his latest surgery.
 Best wishes for a speedy recovery - we've really
missed seeing him (and his handler!) at the trials.
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