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   The Terrier Tattler
February 2006

Hello friends & fans –

Sorry this month’s Tattler is a little late.  My assistant’s day job continues to keep her extremely busy away from home and although I know you find it hard to believe, working for me isn’t her #1 priority.  But her day job does make it possible for me to do lots of cool things, like being a roving reporter for the Tattler.  Yes, I’m very pleased to tell my readers that this month’s tattler has a first hand report of the exciting agility competition that took place at the AKC Nationals in Tampa!! 


This month’s edition also has an article from one of my biggest fans, Lynn (she comes to see me compete at McCormick Place!).  It’s a great article that is important for all of us pet lovers out there (thanks, Lynn!).  For those of you in Chicagoland, the big McCormick Place dog show (IKC) is coming at the end of February.  It’s always a ball – lots of people, dogs and great shopping too!  Let me know if you’re interested in more details – otherwise I’ll give you an update in next months Tattler!



Pet First Aid  by Lynn Malmstrom

Big thanks to one of my fans, Lynn, for sending me this article.  This is a topic that’s important to all of the humans we share our lives with. 


On Saturday, January 14, I attended a Pet First Aid and CPR class hosted by The Anti-Cruelty Society.  As I live with two cats, Greyce and Bailey whom I love very much, I feel it is very important to know everything I can about their care and safety.  They are a lot like two children who will never grow up and I never know what they may get themselves into.
















The session began at 9:00 am and lasted approximately 4 hours, on this particular day there were 5 students.  The class began with everyone exchanging photos and stories about their pets and then an open discussion of what each of us considered a priority.  Our instructor was a gentleman by the name of Elliott who has been with ACS for over 15 years and is an authorized American Red Cross Pet First Aid Instructor.  Although he was friendly and enjoyed kidding around he also made it quite clear that the material covered in this course was very serious and that he was committed to teaching us everything we needed to know.  He also emphasized that the information provided in this course is in no way intended to replace veterinary care but designed to give the students the tools necessary to reduce the risk of further injury, or possibly death, until the pet can receive professional care. 


Here are the highlights of what we covered:



I pray that none of us ever face the scenarios addressed in this course but as Elliott told us “knowing that you did your best, you will never have to wonder ‘did I do enough?’”. 

Red Cross Pet First Aid Class

The Anti-Cruelty Society, SPCA of Illinois

157 West Grand Avenue

Chicago, IL 60610

For more information contact: Tammie Bouschor at (312) 644-8338 ext 344 

Upcoming classes: February 11 and February 25

Class fee of $40.00 includes all course materials (pre-registration is required)



AKC Nationals inTampa



The AKC Agility Nationals took place at the 2006 AKC/Eukanuba National Championships in Tampa on January 13, 14 & 15.  My assistant Tracy was in Tampa on a trip for her day job and I asked her to stay a few extra days and check out the Nationals.  She had fun and got to see a lot of friends from the Midwest. 



Tampa Convention Center


Friday was the most fun – that's because the State Agility Competitions were held then.  The dog/handler teams that were invited to the nationals competed on a team for their state.  During the day each dog/handler team had two agility runs.  After those runs, the 5 States that have the highest cumulative scores, make it to the State Finals.  Team Illinois was doing well, but it came down to one of my two buddies (Murray and Ace) needing a Double Q (two perfect runs) for Illinois to make it to the finals.  Well, the pressure was on and BOTH Murray and Ace had perfect runs to seal a finalist spot for Illinois.  The top 4 dogs for Illinois got to run in the finals, where we competed against Texas, Ohio, Florida and Michigan.  The State Finals were really exciting – the crowds were cheering for their favorite states and it was great to see some of my friends running.  And to top it all off, Illinois WON!!!  Yes, Illinois has THE BEST agility dogs in the USA!  My buddy Murray did great, of the 100 dogs at his height he finished 6th overall!


Tracy checked out a few of the other venues on Saturday – Obedience and Conformation.  Many of you know how I feel about Conformation (I think what you look like on the inside is more important than what you look like on the outside), but there were some really pretty dogs.  The obedience really was a little boring…. and quiet.  None of the yelling and cheering that was taking place in the agility ring!  But Tracy did have a great time and she got to meet some famous dogs.  She met George, the FIRST WESTIE to get a MACH (Master Agility Champion) title in AKC (photo at the right is George getting ready to take his turn on the jumpers course.  George is from Maryland and got his MACH a few months ago. 



Tracy also got to see another really good agility Westie, Betz (see photo at left).  We’ve met Betz at a seminar last Summer.  She’s from Ohio and a real cutie –plus a great agility dog. 


I don't know that I'll ever get to see the AKC Agility Nationals, but it sure sounds like it was fun.  But it's good to know that many of agility friends and classmates got to go and have a great time!











Pup Pics!



You may recall Orion’s first photo in the Tattler (see the October '05 Tattler) when he was a cute little puppy.  Well here he is now 6 months old!!!  What a handsome boy!






I love terriers (no big surprise there) and here’s a cutie that no one could resist.  Brewster is a Boston Terrier puppy and he’s just adorable.  What a lucky little guy to find his way into Melanie Schroeder’s family (she’s really nice and always has great treats!).




Ab Fabs!!
Absolutely Fabulous Accomplishments - submit your Ab Fabs to 




Shelly Shines!!!     

One of Wesley’s best friends, Shelly (Saytar's Blonde Bombshell-MW), is a great little wire-haired dachshund.  She’s lots of fun, we’ve had a pajama party with her and boy does she and Wes love to play.  Not only is she fun, she’s also an incredible dachshund specimen – she competes in Breed Competition (aka Conformation).  Here’s a picture of her after winning her first Major competition - and she's only 9 months old.  Big congrats – that judge knew what she was doing!


The Riccelli Girls Know How to End & Begin a Year!! 

On 12/31/05 my lab buddies, Shadow & DB got the last of their AG2 All-Star points for the year 2005.  Shadow got 1st place and Q'd to get 14points!  DB took 2nd place to Shadow's 1st place and got 10 points.  Then on 1/1/06 Shadow started the new year rigtht by earning her AX title in AKC with a 3rd place, then in EX JWW Shadow took 1st place and DOUBLE Q'd!!  DB was right on Shadow's tail....  DB took 3rd on her Open JWW run, getting her 2nd leg toward her title!!  Happy New Year!!

Shadow also continued her happy new year by earning her AKC CDX on 1/28 at Paw Powers 1st obedience event.  She is now known as U-CD U-ACHX Snap's Shadow of Gingerway CDX AX OAJ CGC TDIA NAC NG - Not bad for a little black dog that was runt of the litter!  



Best Wishes for a very Happy Valentines Day!! 


the 2Westies (Bianca & Wes)