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   The Terrier Tattler
February 2007

Hello friends & fans,

Another month of winter has passed us by and in my book that is a very good thing.  I don’t really mind the winter weather and I love to play in the snow.  But there is a dramatic decrease in the frequency of our ‘walks’.  I’m sure everyone in the neighborhood wonders why Wesley and I haven’t been ‘marking’ our favorite spots in the neighborhood.  It’s just hard to get Tracy & John excited about grabbing the leashes and heading for a stroll when it’s below freezing.  Now that February is here and my buddy Phil didn’t see his shadow, well it’s just a few more weeks until Spring is here!

Have a great Valentines day!  I’ve included a darling Valentines greeting at the bottom of this page from two very special Westies: Woody & Daisy.  Very cute!!  Until next month…





Coming Soon to a TV Near You!


You may recall that I recently attended a special AKC Agility event in Long Beach, California (see the December 2006 Tattler for details).  Well, Animal Planet will share the excitement from the 2006 AKC Invitational Event on TV!!!  I don’t know that I’ll make the cut to appear on their program since I didn’t make the finals due to handler error!!  But it will be an exciting event even without my presence! 

AKC Agility Invitational on Animal Planet:





Sunshine and Palm Trees and Bears - OH MY!



As some of you know, my assistant Tracy frequently goes on trips without me (yeah, it’s hard for me to believe too).  They usually sound pretty boring, but this latest trip to Miami was great fun.  She went to attend what sounded like a ho-hum software training class, but when she turned up staying at the same hotel as the Chicago BEARS, well the excitement began.  Tracy isn’t a huge Bears fan (someone else in our household is!) but she sure became one over those 4 days in Miami.  She got to meet several famous Bears players, got autographs from a few (even General Manager Jerry Angelo!) and hung out with her buddy Barbara in the lobby with the security police. 

Here's her favorites: Alex Brown, Robbie Gould and I think you'll recognize the 3rd 'bear'. 

Whatever the outcome at the Superbowl game, we’re darned proud of our team in my house!







Cupids Woody and Daisy wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!



Lights, Camera, Action!

Once again Wesley’s appearing in ‘print’.  You may recall his modeling gigs – well, this time he’s the star of a very special video.  Wes’ alligator Halloween costume this year, inspired his ‘human’ sister Mary to create a short film for a school project.  The video shows a fierce gator terrorizing a group of teenagers.  Of course, those of you that are familiar with Wes know that he isn’t the aggressive type.  This posed a challenge for some of the ‘dismembering’ scenes.  Good thing I was there to fill in as his stunt double.  I handled all the challenging work of tugging on the victim and pulling off it’s leg. 

Mary did an awesome job filming and editing the video.  You can check it out on one of the links below (I included several formats since some of you have different viewing/internet capabilities). 

Windows Media Format                        Quick Time Video Format (smaller file/lower quality/faster download)

It’s very cool to be in a feature film, but I think I should have received top billing since I worked harder than Wes!



Westies on the Road!

Tracy got to meet a cute Westie puppy named Callie at the Miami Airport.  The brave 10 week old westie was heading to a tropical island for a relaxing vacation -what a great way to start a life!  Here she is - isn't she a cutie! 









Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to




Wesley gets his first MACH points!


My little brother Wesley is running AKC agility at his 'regular' height.  Prior to last September he was supposed to just 12" high jumps (same as me!) but that was just too tall for the little guy.  So Tracy ran him at Preferred - which means he runs the same course, just 4 inches lower at 8".  Well, AKC changed some heights last Fall, so he can now run 8" regular - which means he's got some new titles to go after.  He recently got his AX and last weekend earned his first 2 MACH points!  Woo hoo Wesley!



Riccelli Labs Have a Very Happy New Year!


The Riccelli girls had a great time at the AKC weekend at Paw Power.  On Saturday (Jan 27) DB earned her CDX with a 184 3rd place & new title!  Then on Sunday for Rally all 3 girls were in Novice B and the results? 3 Qs!!!  Shadow and DB earned their Rally Novice titles and Bella's first time in the ring.  Earlier this month DB earned her AX and AXJ with 1st place and titles, and Shadow double Q'd!!!  A pretty great month! 





























Open Wide!

Have you ever had to take some really nasty pills or liquids, just because “it’s for your own good”?  Many dogs, and cats too, hate taking any kind of medicine.  This isn’t a problem in our household since Wesley and I will swallow anything that Tracy offers us, but our housemate Isabella is a different story (she’s very finicky). 

Humans are lucky, they have those huge protruding noses that can easily be ‘plugged’ by just pinching them.  We’re less fortunate – it’s darn near impossible for us to plug our nose when eating something disgusting.  Well – there is help near at hand. 

There are several pharmacies out there that offer special medications – flavored especially for us!!  Martin Avenue Pharmacy is near us and they’ve been great at making medicines very tasty.  Tillie got TUNA flavored medicine once.  How cool is that!!  Just check out all the flavors they offer:



Apple Prune

Apple Caramel


Apricot Creme


Banana Coconut

Banana Creme

Banana But

Banana Vanilla

Banana Strawberry


Black Walnut





Butter Apple


Cantaloupe Creme


Carrot Creme

Cat Nip



Cherry Custard


Chicken Liver


Chocolate Custard



Chocolate Marshmallow

Coconut Fruit

Coconut Fruit - Grape

Coconut Fruit - Raspberry

Coconut Fruit - Tangerine

Coconut Fruit - Tropical Punch

Coconut Fruit - Tutti Frutti

Cod Liver Oil

Creamed Corn


English Toffee



Green Beans


Ham Chowder




Lemon Custard

Lettuce Salad









Peanut Butter




Pina Colada

Pina Colada - Grape

Pina Colada - Raspberry


Raspberry Creme




Spinach Extract



Sweet Potato


Triple Fish

Tropical Punch



Turkey Rice

Tutti Fruitti


Vanilla Butternut

Vanilla Custard


Vegetable Blend


Yam Slush


Check the web, I’m sure there a pharmacy near you that caters to us four-legged critters!