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The Terrier Tattler
January 2005
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!!  Of course, December was a blast.  Aren't the holidays
great!!  Lots of get togethers mean lots of cooking and lots of scraps that fall on the
floor - yippee.  Times like that make me regret having a brother.  If it was just me in the
house, I could get any morsel that hit the floor (I can always beat Isabella, the kitty).  My
favorite gift was a really big rawhide chew I got from Gma Dorie and Gpa Harry.  I don't
get rawhides very often, so this was a real treat and it was really BIG (see photo
below!).  Also, Grandpa Harry took my cousins, Wes and I for a car ride (see photo).  
We love car rides - and it's kind of hard to see in the photo, but there is also a black lab
(Bonnie) and a rat terrier (Maddie) in the back seat.  Bonnie usually sits in the front, but
then again she's not used to riding in a car with ME!
Ab Fabs!!
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Murray Mania!
Murray, a really cute Cairn Terrier is one of my fiercest competitors (actually there's no competition - he's
awesome!).  He's getting very close to achieving his MACH (Master Agility Champion) title.  This is a very
significant accomplishment in agility.  Only the best make it to this level.  

Well, Murray needed 21 points and 2 Double Q's (must qualify in both runs on the SAME DAY) for his MACH
on New Years Eve & Day.  He was competing in Merrillville, IN, but only earned 46 points with 2 3rd place
finishes and a 2nd place.  That means that Murray now has 775 points  and 19 dbl Qs . So Murray needs
only one more double Q to make his MACH!  

His next AKC trial at the Agility Nationals in  Tampa on Jan 15th.  How exciting!  The Nationals will be
televised on Feb 6th on Animal Planet.  GOOD LUCK MURRAY (& Scott!).  
We dogs have a very strong sense of smell – 100,000 times stronger than humans! (yet they sometimes
think us dogs stink!!).   Many dogs use this talent in very valuable ways: finding lost animals or people, drugs,
and locating disaster victims (remember how much dogs helped in search and rescue efforts of 9/11).  Of
course, we also use it for more personal important things…. like finding that darn rabbit that ran away!  

Tracking is a noncompetitive outdoor sport.  The purpose of a tracking test is to demonstrate the dog's ability
to recognize and follow human scent, a skill that is useful in the service of mankind.  In ability and obedience
tests the dog must respond to the requests of the handler.  In tracking it’s ALL ABOUT THE DOG!  Yes, the
dog is in control and all responsibility is on our shoulders – to find the scent and then follow it to the articles
left on the track (gloves, wallet, etc).
Holiday Hounds
Big thanks to all of you that sent in holiday photos.  They are great -
as you'll see below.  Some of funny, some more traditional, but I
think you'll get a kick out of them all.  
Weiners Can FlyI!!

My travelling buddy and  friend Watson (wirehair dachshund) had
a great start to his new year and just finished his AKC  Excellent
A Agility Prefered title.  This is a great accomplishment - you
should see how hard his short legs work to climb that big A

Congrats Watson!
Puppy Pics

Border collies are really incredible dogs - they're so
smart and incredibly fast and agile.   One of my BC
(that's short for Border Collie) competitors, Razzle,
has had some excitement in her house this past
month.  Two of her BC roommates, Brita and Dazzle,
had puppies!  All puppies are a little homely when
they're born (yes, even Westies) but look at how cute
they are at 3 and 4 weeks.  Wish I could have one,
but with Brita and Dazzle's good genes, these cuties
were spoken for long ago.  Oh well, even I'd have a
tough time keeping up with a BC!  

Congrats to Brita and Dazzle and hopefully Mike and
Sharon are getting some time to rest!
            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .  Tracking
I highlight different dog activities/events each newsletter.  This month's event is one I think I'd fare well in, but my
assistant has decided against it (she thinks it reinforces my desire to 'track' (sniff) on the agility course).       
As always send me your feedback and suggestions at  
Contact Us.    I also welcome contributions from you
about your favorite activities!                                                                                   -Bianca

Many folks have sent get well
wishes to Wes - thank you so
much.  It really made his tag wag!  
Wes is doing great.  It was so
difficult to have him confined for 3
weeks, and even after that Tracy
and John were doting over him
and wouldn't let him play rough,
but now it's pretty much back to
normal.  He even got to go to an
agility class last week (but just 4
inch jumps and no climbing

Big thanks for all the great holiday photos - check them out below!  Also in this month's issue, I'm returning to
my regular 'activity' column.  This month's event is Tracking - which I tried once but Tracy stopped the classes
since she thinks I too much of an issue trying to combine Tracking with Agility (way too much sniffing).

Hope you had a great holiday season and a roaring start to the new year!  
There are three tracking titles a dog can earn.  As the dog progresses, each title has an increased degree of
difficulty.  The titles are:
TD (Tracking Dog) The TD test is 440 to 500 yards long with 3 to 5 turns (change in direction).  The track
scent is aged from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  The dog must locate the glove or wallet at the end of the track.  TD
tests take place in open fields with no obstacles (roads, ditches, etc).  The start of the track will be marked with
a flag and a second flag 30 yards from the start flag to indicate the direction of the first leg of the track.  There
are no other flags in the field.  
TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent)  TDX tests are 800 to 1000 yards long, with scent aged 3 to 5 hours.  The
track also has two sets of cross tracks (diversionary) and has some obstacles.  A single flag marks the start of
the track, the dog must determine the direction of the first leg.  There are 4 different articles for each track, on at
the start and three more along the track.
VST (Variable Surface Tracker) A VST track is 600 to 800 yards long, with 4 to 8 turns and aged 3 to 5
hours.  The articles must be one of each: leather, cloth, plastic and metal.  The track must alos take place on
three different surfaces with one turn on a non-vegetated surface like concrete.  
CT (Champion Tracker) This dog possesses all three of the above titles.

Tracking takes a high degree of focus and skill.  Some of my friends have earned tracking title - pretty
impressive.  Maybe someday Tracy will let me try Tracking again - if not, I'll just continue to practice on outdoor
agility courses!!!
Santa 'Carley' Carols!
Ho, Ho, Ho! from Bailey & Cooper
so cute, but then again Cooper's my brother!
Min Pin Santa!
Grace is a natural!
Rocky and Abbey take the prize in
this years holiday photos.  They
sent in three different shots (they're
pros!).  And the shots range from
traditional to festive.  Very cute -
but then what do you expect from
'Naughty or Nice?'
Skippy's trying his best!
Labs Shadow, DB and Indie
are on Santa's 'nice' list
Kilo & Ted's friend Kaya in Florida
Swimming at Xmas - that would be great!
Rockey and Abbey holiday style!
Santa & Reindeer
(a.k.a. Rocky & Abbey)
Blitzen 12-29-04
Comet 12-29-04
Dazzle and Mitch's pups were 3
weeks old on 12/29/04!
Brita and Jimsey's Pups
These cuties were 4 weeks old on 1/2/05!
What a difference a week makes - they are
looking ready to Dash and Dance!
Murray and McKensie are ready to open the stuff!!
Go Gypsy
My classmate Gypsy, a miniature poodle, is working hard on her U-ACH (UKC Agility Champion) Title.  To
accomplish this level, she needs to earn 100 UKC points.  Well, at the Smack Dabs UKC trial Jan 1-2 and
she had a couple of good runs and got really, really close.  She's up to 98 - only 2 more points to go!!!  

She's really consistent, so I know she'll get them at her next trial.  She's very athletic and she's going to take
a beginning Fly Ball Class with me (stay turned for more details on that in the future!).
Tracking requires only a little equipment: the dog wears
a harness and the owner follows behind (with a 20-40
foot lead attached to the harness).  Basically, the dog
starts at the beginning of a ‘scent track’ and follow the
track to locate the item at the end.  The dogs must
closely follow the path the tracklayer walked and find the
article dropped on the track.  The judges follow the dog
and handler to determine if the dog is on or off the
track.  If the dog is off the track and the judges
determine the dog cannot return, one judge will blow
the whistle signaling the dog has failed.  There is no
time limit as long as the dog is working the track.  If the
dog follows the scent track and finds the articles place
on the track, he earns the tracking title.