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   The Terrier Tattler
January 2007

Hello friends & fans

Wow, hard to believe it's a new year!  I hope your 2007 has gotten off to a great start.  My holiday season was pretty nice.  We went to Iowa for Christmas this year and with this warmer weather I got to spend lots of time running outside (and warmer temps means the neighbor's cows' poop doesn't freeze hard making rolling in it much more fulfilling!).  Isn't that the point of Christmas, spending time with those you love and doing the things that bring you the most joy!

New Years Eve was a quiet one.  Aunt Lisa and Cousin Maddie came to visit and everyone was in bed by midnight.  I'm probably the only wild one in the whole house and some year, I would love to spend New Years Eve at a gala event.  Maybe for 2008! 

I wish you and your loved ones a great 2007!                                                                                                                                              Bianca




All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth!


I've heard a Christmas song titled "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth".  It's about a poor little kid that lost BOTH of his front teeth.  Very sad.  Well, all I want is ONE front tooth!  I lost one a couple of months back, while Tracy was out of town.  My vet said I'm fine - which really kind of irritated me, since I think this is really quite a flaw to my otherwise perfect body.  Just look at the photo - isn't this a glaring defect! 


Well, I've done a little research and found there are dog doctors that specialize in dog dentistry. Pets can have the same procedures as people: root canals, crowns and even braces!  I also discovered that is it possible to have an implant - where they put in a fake tooth that looks just like the real thing.  I had heard my assistant talking about a human friend that had gotten a tooth implant and it looked just like the real thing!  Why they've even done studies using different types of materials for dog tooth implants ( - but Tracy won't budge on it. 


Maybe you could help my cause.  If you think I should have an implant, let me know ( and perhaps your opinions will help dissuade Tracy (unfortunately she holds the pocket book for these types of expenses!).    Who knows - if we can get her to pop for a replacement tooth, maybe I can also get braces to straighten my bottom teeth!






Strange New Breed of DOG?!

My human cousin Ashli had been wishing for something very special for Christmas.  She had mentioned it to Santa every chance she got.  I didn't know what it was, but Grandpa Harry got it for her and while in Iowa over the holidays I came face to face (or actually nose to nose) with this very odd critter.  I'm assuming it's some breed of dog (it's got four legs, fur, a long snout) but boy oh boy is it huge!  They called it a PONY - I've never seen this dog breed at an agility trial (maybe AKC hasn't recognized this breed yet), but then again it would have a very tough time getting through the tunnels. 

Well, little Ashli, her brothers and cousins were all very excited about the arrival of the Pony on Dec 23rd.  Then to add even more joy - a second pony arrived!!!  Yes, there are now two ponies at Grandpa Harry's house.  Something else strange - they actually RIDE these animals.  Can't imagine hauling around a person on my back, but then again these critters are BIG!




One is very short, chubby and really furry - his name is Fuzzy.








The other pony is quite a bit taller and very pretty - his name is Pookey.  He's a real sweetie - he and I were nose to nose and shared some thoughts.  I tell you what though, my dental needs are small compared to Pookey's!!  His teeth are HUGE and flat.  He'd never survive in the wild.  That's probably why he was eating so much grass - wow that would give me a tummy ache!

I didn't get to spend as much time with these pups as I would have liked, but I'm hoping to get to know them well on my next Iowa visit.





Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to




A Happy Holiday for the Cairns!


My two Cairn agility buddies, Murray and MacKenzie, had a great holiday!  A bunch of us go to a really fun agility trial in Wisconsin every December: Hounds for the Holidays.  It's four days of agility, what a blast!  I didn't exactly perform my best (too much fun to be had), but Team M & M really shined!  





In eight runs Murray finished FIRST 6 times and SECOND twice!  He earned 244 MACH points (more than I even have in total!) and he got 4 double Qs.  He's a double Q king - in 10 trials he's gotten 7 double Qs.   Just look at all the goodies he came home with!  He's a little agility machine! 















His sister MacKenzie had a great showing too.  She came home with some great stuff !  She got 45 points and 3 double Qs (out of 4!).  She's feeling strong and running like the wind!   And isn't she just the cutest thing!


Big congrats to both these super terriers!










Riccelli Labs Have a Very Happy New Year!


Those great Riccelli agility labs have had a great holiday season....  DB and Shadow have been tearing up the agility track!  Just wait til Bella's old enough to play!
DB 11-16-06  Smack-Dabs 1st pl UKC OpenA obedience..TITLE
DB 12-31-06  GLBTC AKC Agility Soccorville - EXA Standard  100 Q.....Title
DB 1-1-07  EXA JWW 100 Q 1stpl....Title
Shadow 1-1-07  Q in both EXB Standard&JWW with MACH points
Shadow 11-19-06 5th leg  U-GRACH   Title..... PawPower
DB 11-18-06   2nd leg toward U-GRACH






A Happy Holiday!!! 


Every year an agility extravaganza is held in Milwaukee, WI - Hounds for the Holidays.  It's four days and three rings of agility fun - all indoors on great soccer turf.  Roving reporter Skippy (and his photographer Shell) captured some of the excitement!







Agility competitors not only compete in the agility ring - but also for the coveted Best Christmas Decoration!  This group went all out (complete with tree, notes for Santa and edible Q ornaments!).  They were overall winner!













But crate space isn't the only thing being decorated for the holidays. 

Little Tameica is darling in her fancy Christmas collar! 














There were three big rings running - with three judges - all at the same time!  Never a dull moment at this trial!















And there were lots of other fun things to do - like shopping for DOG TOYS!!




















.... or taking time out for a massage!!!















Friends to share car rides with....



















and big hotel beds to lounge in after the trial.













Big THANKS to my friend Skippy and his sister Molly for sharing all the fun from Hounds!