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The Terrier Tattler
July/August 2005
A belated Happy 4th of JULY to my US friends and Happy July 1st to those of you in Canada!   I
love summer holidays because it usually involves a picnic or BBQ where it is highly likely there
will be food dropped on the ground and I'll be right there to scarf it up!  You know me, not much
beats food!  

My brother Wes has had a very interesting month.   Back on June 2nd, we found an intruder on
our property.  This time it wasn't a squirrel, it was a cat!  It was under the deck and Wes had it
cornered.  I pretty much stood back and watched since he seemed to have the situation under
control (that and he was also getting pretty bloody).  Well, Tracy heard the racket and came out
to end the fun like she usually does.  I went in the house, but Wes wouldn't give up.  Finally

My newest Westie friends, Gus and Jack, have
some really cool designs that you can get on
shirts, mugs, notecards, and more!  Tracy has
one of their t-shirts and she gets lots of
compliments everytime she wears it.  Of course,
who wouldn't love anything with 2 westies on it!!  

Gus and Jack live Michigan, but you can check out
their cool  website at:  
Tracy got him to come out from under the deck and his whole face was covered in blood!  It was dripping from his
mouth.  He looked like he should be in a Stephen King movie!  Wow, who would have known he had it in him?!  
Everyone thinks he's the sweet, innocent one - but watch out trespassing critters.  He's a wild boy when he's
protecting his property.  He survived the attack fine (actually, I think the cat may have been worse off since he had very
few cuts but there was a lot of blood).  He had a trip to visit our buddy the vet and he checked out fine.  The cat ran off
and we haven't seen her since!!  

But, the story doesn't end here.....  I had to spend an extended  4th of July weekend in Wisconsin due to Wesley's
inability to chew his food properly.  This whole story is included further down in the newsletter.  Due to all these
issues, this month's newsletter will be a combination July/August issue.  Sorry for the delay, but it's taken a ton of
Tracy's time to care for Wes.    He's fine, but just let me say for a such a cat-attacker he sure is a delicate flower
sometimes!  He doesn't live by my motto: " Buck up!"
UKC 2005 Premier and All-Stars
The United Kennel Club All-Stars and Premier National event was held
mid-June in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We had so much fun!!  A bunch of
my agility pals were there and it was great to see so many of them do
so very well.  

The All-Stars competition is an invitational - the top 50 dogs for 2004 in
each of the three classes is invited to compete.  So, it's a bunch of
really good dogs.  Again, Mike and Sharon Wiksten's Rebel was the
star of the show.  Reb is an awesome Border Collie.  While she was
the top dog, there were a bunch of my friends that achieved
placements!  In the above photo you can see my friends Keri
(Doberman) and Harley (Keeshond).  You can see all the All-Star
results at
All Star Results.   Wesley ran well, but wasn't fast enough to
place (but he did finish 5th!).

Following the All-Star competition, was the annual UKC Premier.  Two
more days of agility fun.  And again, some of my best buddies did great.
 Bunny (with Penny in the photo on the right) took first place, beating our
Bianca in 2nd!
China is Safe!!  
Bubbles and Blossum Have Stopped Digging!
Big huge thanks from two of my
buddies from Long Island for all your
suggestions in how to get them to
stop their darn digging.  

Several of your techniques were
tried and I'm not sure exactly which
one did the trick, but they are 'clean
and dig-free' for a few weeks now.  
And they know how to enjoy all that
free time they have now that they
aren't digging.  Here they are
relaxing in their pool.  Yeah, they
really don't miss digging all that
much these days!
Snug As a Bug in a Rug
(or as this Westie says, this bed's a 'Bestie'!!)
Wesley loves to be near my assistant Tracy.  Where
ever she wanders in the house, he can be found by
her side.  When she's working for me at her
computer, he loves to lay nearby.  Well, Tracy
ordered him his very own bed to put near her
computer.  It's really super soft and cuddly - we love
it so much we wanted to share it with you.  They
make them special for you and they come in
different fabrics and sizes.  Here's little  Wes
sleeping in his new bed, while Tracy's working on
my newsletter.  

You can check out the beds (they have other cool
stuff too) at Neiman Barkus:  
The bed we got is one of their round beds!  

In addition to great finishes, some of my friends achieved new
Agility Titles.  Both Wes and I are trying our darnedest to get
our U-ACHX title.  We only need 1 successful run in the AG-3
class to get the title.  Well, our buddy Willow, the Nova Scotia
Duck Tolling Retriever got an AG-3 leg and her ACHX title.  She
also got a 4th place!  Congrats to Willow (and Linda)!
It was a fun-filled, very busy four days in Kalamazoo.  I was fortunate
enough to have two assistants with me on this trip - John came
along with Tracy.  It's really nice having John along, we get extra
time for walking!  We also get to spend the nights at a hotel, which
is always exciting.  A whole new place to check out and we get to
jump on the bed!  Here's a picture of my buddy Skippy with the
front-desk staff at his hotel.  See how much fun we have!  

Tracy said this was our last year going to Kalamazoo, but I think
she's reconsidering now.  It's just so much fun and so many great
dogs and people too!!  
If Only Wes Would Have Chewed!
- or -
"How do I love thee?  Just add up the vet bills!"
As you know, the July edition of the Terrier Tattler was significantly delayed due to a health issue that Wesley had
over the 4th of July weekend.  It took priority for my assistant, Tracy's, time and she was unable to work for me on this
month's newsletter.  Before I share the details of the episode, let me begin by saying that this story has a happy
ending.  Wesley is doing fine today.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case several days ago......  

It all began on July 2 in central Wisconsin.  Wesley and I went to an agility competition in Amherst Junction (oh yeah,
Tracy went too since we needed someone to drive us).  We were just planning on staying for Saturday, but the
building we ran in had a nice surface and we decided to get a hotel, spend the night and run again on Sunday.  Well,
since Tracy had not brought our normal dog food, she picked up some 'roll' food (Natural Balance - beware!).  Back
at the hotel she tried to cut it, but had only a plastic knife, so she broke off good size chunks for Wes and I to chew.  I
chewed mine and found it yummy.  Wes gulped his whole and began choking.  It was very scary.  He was making a
sound like a hurt cow and there was white, slimy foam coming from his mouth.  Well, Tracy grabbed the phone book,
called a vet, got a recording that gave us the emergency vet number and we were off the 25 miles north to the
emergency vet.  

At the vet, xrays showed the hunk of food in Wes' esophagus - just above the opening to the stomach.  The good
news was that it wasn't blocking his windpipe (he could breathe) but the bad news is that it was pretty big and stuck
there.  They referred us to a vet specialist center in Appleton (an hour & a half away) and off we went.

The center in Appleton was awesome: large, well staffed and had incredible equipment.  They performed an
endoscopy and since the food was so hard, they could not pull it out so they instead pushed it into his stomach - you
can see the chunk of food in his stomach in the 2nd xray!  For those of you interested in the
endoscopy photos click
here (I didn't know if everyone would want that much detail - it's a little graphic for some viewers!).  

      Figure 1. Chunk of food in esophagus.                                             Figure 2. Chunk of food in stomach.

Well, Wes was slow coming out of anesthesia and ended up staying in the hospital another day and a half but got to
go home on July 4.  It was so great to be home - I spent lots of time crated in the car while Tracy was visiting Wes at
the hospital!  Not to mention our trip to Wisconsin was longer than we expected!  

It was a rough week for Wes, still vomiting alot until late Wednesday, but since then he's been keeping food down
and doing other important things (BMs).  He's finally able to play and run, which is great because I really like our play

We're all very glad Wes is home and doing well.  My only concern is Tracy said something about spending the
'Florida Vacation Fund' on Wesley's vet bills for all this.  Now that really doesn't seem quite fair - I'm the one that loves
Florida and the ocean - and Wesley's the one that's afraid of the water!!  I hope she was just joking!