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July 2004
Happy 4th of July to my US Fans!!  And happy July 1st to
those of you in Canada!  The 4th is a fun time since it usually
involves picnics where food will undoubtedly be dropped
and of course, I'm right there to snatch it up!  This year the
holiday will be extra fun since we'll spend part of the day with
our agility friends at the WAG trial.  
June was a great month - especially the UKC AllStar and
Premier competitions.  If you haven't checked out my All
Stars and Premier pages - you  should.  Wesley's 'crappy' All
Star video is there if you need a chuckle!   
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Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
Cindy Crawford Step Aside - Super Model Wesley is Here!
Not only has Wesley regularly graced the pages of The Terrier Tattler with his GQ good looks, he is also a
professional model.  Yes, super model Wes has graced the brochure and web site for really great
personalized pet products -  

Wes is modeling a very patriotic red and white Stars bandana with his name embroidered in blue letters.  He
wore it to a recent nursing home visit and got tons of compliments.  Check out their website - they have great
products and do a really nice job of embroidery just for you!  And of course, check out Wes' photo - just go to the
K9Design Stars page: .  
Check out all the accomplishments at the UKC 2004 All Star and Premier competitions.  and
Congrats to all the winners!!
Late June Tracy took Wes and me to Iowa.  It was our first visit in several months and it was a blast.  I've got
these really great cousins (aka Tracy's nephews) that love batting practice and I love to chase balls - what a
team!  Especially Spencer, he'd bat the tennis ball so very far.  Then I'd field it and bring it back to him, drop it at
his feet and run out ready for another hit.  Even little Ashli played with me - she can throw pretty good for a 4
year old!  It's really fun but really tiring - there are acres and acres to run on!  Wes and I slept all the way back to
Illinois.  We're going again in August (Wilson Reunion) and I can't wait.  Oh, I almost forgot - there's been an
addition to our Iowa family.  I have a new cousin named Jack.  He's a chocolate lab puppy that came to Lucas
for his birthday (see feature article below).  Very cute but he made the mistake of going for MY ball - GRRR!  But
then again he's just a kid, so I understand.  
So, happy patriotic holiday to you all.  Keep those cards & letters coming (and don't forget to include treats!)    
Flyball Frenzy
I'm highlighting different dog activities each month.  This month is an unusual activity that I would really love to
try.  As always send me your feedback and suggestions at  
Contact Us.  -Bianca
Flyball is a fast-paced team sport for us dogs.  
Quite simply, it’s a relay race – with 4 dogs in
each flyball team.  

The Flyball Box is an important piece of
equipment in the competition.  It’s a spring-
loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball when
the dog steps on it (hence the name Flyball!).  
There are a bunch of different types of boxes
(see ) but they all
do basically the same thing – the dog steps on
the box and it shoots out a tennis ball!  

The course for the relay race is 51 feet long –
the starting line at one end and the Flyball Box
at the other end.  Between the two are 4 hurdles
(about 10 feet apart).  The hurdle height is set based upon the smallest dog on the team, between 8 and 16
inches.   The dog leaves the start line, runs to the Flyball Box jumping over all hurdles on the way to the box.  
The dog steps on the Flyball Box – the ball shoots in the air, the dog catches the tennis ball and runs back over
the 4 hurdles.  When the dog with the ball crosses the start line, the next dog runs.  The first team that has all
four dogs in the team cross the start line wins!  Keep in mind – the world record is under 16 seconds. Check
out the world record holding team, Spring Loaded, at .  If there is an error (such as
dropping a ball, going around a hurdle or passing the start line too early) the dog must run again.  Two teams
of four dogs usually compete.  Both the winning and losing teams earn points depending on their times.  

The North American Flyball Association (NAFA) is the organizing body for Flyball organization in this area.  You
can check out their site at .  There are a variety of titles you can accomplish!  Points are earned
based upon the team’s time:
Less than 32 sec – 1 pt to each dog
Less than 28 sec – 5 pt to each dog
Less than 24 sec – 25 pt to each dog
The titles are Flyball Dog, Flyball Dog Excellent, Flyball Dog Champion, Flyball Master, Flyball Master Excellent,
Flyball Master Champion, ONYX Aware and Flyball Grand Champion!  

I have not met any Flyball Champions yet (at least not that I’m aware of) but given my love of retrieving tennis
balls, I think I would love this sport.  I just need to find a way for my assistant to get more free time to spend with
me!  If you have any flyball fun you’d like to share, please email me at .
I have a new cousin in the Derifield family in NE
Iowa.  Jack is a very cute chocolate lab that is only
12 weeks old!  Lucas Derifield wanted just one
thing for his birthday - a dog of his very own.  Well
did his wish ever come true - Lucas' mom and dad
gave him Jack!   He's very soft and energetic, with
pretty blue eyes that are slowly turning brown.  His
only fault that I've seen is Jack trying to chase MY
ball.  I set him straight (we all know who the alpha
dog is, don't we?), but he really is a good pup.  

I know how great chocolate labs are - my agility
friend DB is super and quite an athlete.  Also,
Derifields have another lab, Bear (the name is very
fitting - he's the biggest chocolate lab I've ever seen
- I'm very glad HE didn't try to take my ball!!!).  Bear
and his new little brother Jack get along great.  I
can't begin to imagine how much Jack will grow by
the reunion (my next trip to visit him).  But no matter
how much he grows, we won't forget who's Alpha
Dog in NE Iowa!
An Addition to the Family!