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The Terrier Tattler
June 2004
Well, I'm finally a grown-up dog!  On May 13 I turned 4 years old (although NOT a single
member of our household remembered it until days later!!!).  Tracy says I've matured over
the past year, but I think I'm pretty much the same as I've always been .  I still love to
chase squirrels and there is NOTHING that compares to my love of tennis balls.  I can
find a tennis ball anywhere.  Tracy has tried to hide them from me: out-of-sight on top of
the hutch and shut inside kitchen cabinets.  I can locate tennis balls anywhere (even
when I can't see it) and I don't give up until I get 'em. I know it drives everyone in the house
crazy but it's such an obsession for me and I can not help it.  Tracy has one secret place
where she hides them and I can't smell them.  I've heard Tracy & John discussing the
matter when they don't know I'm listening.  I heard she likes to put them on the shelf in the
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Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
* * * Gender-Appropriate Attire  * * *
You may recall that last month's issue had Wesley in two very cute outfits (see May Newsletter).  You, my
fans, were asked to settle the dilemma in our household -
should Wes only wear Gender Appropriate
clothing (boy clothes) or does Anything Go!

Well, the votes are in and it's quite interesting to note that
males voted Gender Appropriate ONLY (no froo
froo 'girl' clothes for boy dogs).  Whereas,
females (all but 1) voted that Wes should wear anything and
- he's so darn cute!!  Since females are so much more responsible when it comes to making
their opinions count, there were more female votes sent in than male votes....  So
the winner is ANYTHING
Wes will continue to wear all kinds of attire!!!  

In honor of this decision, this months' issue showcases Wes in two of his potentially gender inappropriate
Wesley admires Keri's dedication to bring joy to others (see TDI story above), so he has started down the
road to become a therapy dog.  His first step was to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and also
Therapy Dog International (TDI) test.  On May 7 he passed both tests with flying colors.  The tests consist of
basic obedience (sit, stay, come), good manners around strangers (friendly but no jumping!), no fear
around what may be unusual equipment (wheelchairs, crutches, walkers), and the hardest part of the
test-walking by a piece of food on the floor and having to 'leave it'!!  Wes passed with flying colors.  The next
step is to find a facility that would be good for Wes & Tracy to visit.  Julie, Keri's mom, has offered to help us
on our first few visits.  It's a shame Wes doesn't have cool tricks to perform like Keri's BOW and PRAYERS,
but he's very good at 'LAY ON HIS BACK TO RUB HIS TUMMY!'
Wesley is a Canine Good Citizen!
door of the fridge.  I can't smell them through the fridge, but now I know they must be in there!  I've got to figure
out a way to open the refrigerator  door.  Let me know if you have any ideas!
Wesley had a rough couple of weeks this month.  He had a cyst on one of his toes on his left rear leg.  The lab
results came back and everything is ok - it was benign and should not grow back.  He still has stitches and isn't
supposed to get it wet.  With all the rain we've had, it's been a real challenge trying to keep his paw dry.  John
tapes a 'baggie' on it before we can go outside.  It's really funny to watch Wes run with the bag stuck on his foot -
I hang back so he can run in front of me and I can watch and laugh! (you know how big sisters can be!).  We are
very glad he's doing well and will get his stitches out before the UKC Agility All Star Competition.  We'll be
spending several days with a bunch of our agility friends in Kalamazoo, MI for the UKC Premier shows.  I'm
really excited - I'll tell you all about it next month!  

Wes wearing his red 'furry' sweater.  What a shame it's
almost too warm to wear it!!
As usual, Bianca prefers running around in her birthday
Dogs Making a Difference
TDI - Therapy Dog International
This is the first in a series on different types of dog-events.  Many of my fans are not familiar with all the
opportunities for dogs and our people to have fun and help others.  I'll describe a different event each
month.  As always send me your feedback at  
Contact Us.  -Bianca
Keri is a very sweet and good natured Doberman.  
Keri is a true sweetheart.  Not only is she great with
her dog friends, she is a hard working TDI
(Therapy Dog International) dog.  This year Keri
earned her TDI-AOV... which is the highest level of
recognition you can receive as a working therapy
dog.  It means she is an
Active Outstanding
Volunteer and has completed more than 150
therapy visits!!  
Keri and her mom, Julie Dorsey, always go visit at
the same Nursing Home....Lexington Manor in
Bloomingdale.   They go once a week and since
they have been there so often they usually have a
group of residents anxiously awaiting Keri's arrival.  
 People save their food for her and she has been
fed everything from a full breakfast meal to a
hamburger saved from their dinner.  They delight in
watching her perform her little parlor tricks....Keri
does a
BOW on command and she can SAY HER
and will give kisses to all that want
them.   She will delicately jump into bed and lay
next to a resident and sometimes she is the only
living being that gives them love and comfort.  Keri
and Julie do many activities together, but their
therapy visits are as special as anything they've
ever accomplished.  
Julie shared some special memories: "The first
resident we ever met was a lady named Nancy.  
She would see Keri come in the door and smile
and beg for her to come visit.  Of course Keri knew
just what to do....she'd stand on the arm of the
wheelchair and lick the woman's face, ears, eyes,
eyebrows....all the while Nancy would laugh so
loudly and happily.  
Yes, it is a PINK sweater but it does have black
leather and studs on it.  Doesn't that make it a bit
more 'gender appropriate'?  
"She truly loved Keri and Keri knew how much she needed that love.  When we walked into the nursing home
one day....Nancy was NOT in her special spot.   My heart sank.  We searched everywhere....finally one of the
nurse's said..."Oh Nancy died on Wednesday" - I started to cry and had such a hard time with it.   But then a
group of the workers later told me how much Keri had meant to Nancy.   They told me that Keri was the only
visitor she had in years.  And that the ONLY time Nancy laughed and was happy was when Keri was there.
"So if you ever wondered how it felt to have a working therapy dog.....I can tell you that it's the most rewarding
thing I have ever done.   We all know our dogs are so special....and to be able to share them with people who
are starving for that attention....the sweet loving eyes they see and the way it feels to have a dog place it's head
in your lap and give you that look.   There's nothing better than that!"

Big thanks Julie, for sharing Keri's TDI contributions!  You can learn more about TDI at
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