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   The Terrier Tattler
January 2008

Hello fans and friends -

Happy New Year 2008!  And what a great year it's going to be!  My first day of the year was awesome!  A whole bunch of my Scheibel-family relatives came to visit me and you know what that means - non stop ball throwers!  It was a great day, even though I couldn't convince anyone to sneak me food from their plate. 

I'm feeling great.  I think my knee is even better than ever.  We're back on the agility circuit and I'm getting to go to one or two agility trials a month!  The big Chicago area trial at McCormick Place is coming up on Feb 22-24.  I look forward to seeing many of my fans there!

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Stay warm!



Happy Holidays From Friends!

Two of my terrier buddies from Ohio sent me some great holiday photos.

Cindy Lou & Woody, Parson Russell Terriers, participated in the Mt. Adams Reindog parade in Cincinnati, Ohio.  There were 617 entries (wow - that's a lot of dogs!).  My friend won the small dog division and then went on to win Best In Show of the entire parade!! 

Big congrats to Cindy Lou & Woody (and their great person, Laurie!).






Doggie Hygiene - Clean is Cool 

Good hygiene is important for our health.  Clean ears, healthy teeth and a shiny coat contribute to your overall health and disposition.  It's hard to have a smile on your face when you're stinky!  There is of course some good information out there on the internet but your vet is probably the best resource of all to give advice. 


Here are a few things to keep in mind:



I realize that people may shower every day, but frequent bathing is not an important (or good) thing for a dog.  I'm serious!  I'm not just saying that because I hate baths.  Most dogs should only need bathing a few times a year.  Getting a bath too often can make a pup's coat dry and itchy.  Of course, there are some medical reasons you may need more frequent baths, but on a whole, less is more!!!   Ok, but before you get too excited about not having too many baths, there is some bad news.  Frequent BRUSHING or combing is good.  Yikes!  I hate getting brushed too.  Anything that makes me sit still is BORING!  But it is very important for good coat and skin health.  Some breeds should be brushed daily.  My friend Puck is a Havanese and has long, soft hair.  She has to get brushed often to maintain that silky coat.  So I'm guess I'm lucky that a weekly brushing keeps me at my best!


Salazar girls enjoy a bath!



You should get a quick ear check every week or two.  This one isn't too painful or embarrassing.  It should just be a quick look to make sure the ear isn't red or dirty.  Unfortunately, if it's dirty in there, you'll have to have it cleaned out which is not quite as bad as a bath but not much fun.  Your assistant should take a cotton ball or soft cloth and just wipe it clean with water, alcohol or a little baby oil.  The good news is they should NOT stick anything down the ear canal, unless directed to do so by a vet! One time my ear was red and kind of dirty looking.  I had a nasty ear infection.  The medicine and ear cleaning wasn't fun, but it sure was nice not to have a sore ear! 



This is another one that is more frequent than bathing, but not at all painful (just sometimes embarrassing).  Usually a visual inspection, with no prodding or digging, is all that is needed.  The eyes should be clear and shiny.  If there is discharge (aka eye goobers), it should be wiped clean with a soft cloth - or as Tracy likes to do in PUBLIC - just pick that darn goober off with a fingernail.  Pretty gross.  If there is yellow or green discharge - you should visit your vet. 



Teeth can build up tartar and plaque and gums become infected.  This infection can pass through the bloodstream and cause problems elsewhere in the body.  So it's very important to keep your teeth clean and healthy.   We really need help to keep our teeth healthy.  There are some 'teeth cleaning' toys and food on the market, but we don't have direct experience with the effectiveness of them (again, your vet is a great resource).  Your vet can really give you a good teeth cleaning.  Wes and I had our teeth cleaned by the vet once.  This is very common and some dogs have it done every year or two.  It's not bad but I had a scary reaction to the anesthesia.  So Tracy has decided she would prefer to keep our teeth clean another way.  She now BRUSHES our teeth!!!   I'm hoping not to undergo a vet teeth cleaning again (actually my teeth are pretty healthy, just need a little attention to stay nice and pearly!).  We do require help from our assistant's to brush our teeth and be sure they use DOGGIE toothpaste.  Human toothpaste would not be good for us and the dog toothpaste comes in great flavors!  Poultry is my favorite!  They make these soft little rubber caps that the assistant puts on her index finger.  It's got little nubbies on it.  She just puts a little toothpaste on the nubbies and gently rubs it over my teeth and gums.  I don't exactly love it but then again, it does taste like chicken! 


So while good hygiene isn't always fun, it's important to ensure we live a long, happy, healthy, beautiful life - just like the Salazar girls below!





Superstar Westie (no, not me this time!)

Westies are famous (and of course very cute) WORLDWIDE.  Not long ago I included a photo of a Westie get together in Brazil!  This month a friend sent me some television commercials with Westies in them!  Very cute and again, from outside the U.S.!  I always knew I was popular, but didn't realize so many other westies are too! v=0_RjcbmYCUc&feature=related v=cJbhvcfROK0&feature=related v=Zol58RLAiyQ&feature=related *


And not only are Westies being cute on the television, they are also helping HUMAN health!  Westies are helping scientists fight a disease they SHARE!




A Different Breed of Squirrel!


Most of you know how my brother and I love to chase squirrels.  They drive us crazy in our backyard.  Unfortunately, we have many trees in our yard and those darn squirrels can climb them and escape us.  Well, in Puerto Rico they have a critter that also climbs trees, but I don't think even I'd want to catch this guy!!! 


Hailey's mom Maribel went to Puerto Rico over the holidays to spend time with her family.  Well, her sister's dogs were chasing (and caught) their version of 'squirrel' - an IGUANA!  This thing was ugly and HUGE!!!  It was three feet long and had a long tail.  They like to hiss and try to slap the dogs with their long tails.  This one escaped up a tree.  He looks pretty fierce.  Even I would have had to think twice before taking him on!










Pup Pics



While my assistant Tracy was working in New York, she met some great people with cute and fun dogs.  Here's one of the more recent friends she made there.  Ripley is a puggle (Pug - Beagle mix) and a little spoiled (I know how great that is!).  She's a cutie, that's for sure!!!  













Get Well Wishes!!



My agility and dog camp pal Skippy hurt his knee early in December.  Later in the month he had surgery (same surgery I had last June!!).  He's home and doing very well, but he and his 'mom' both miss the agility circuit.  But I know with a little rest then rehab he'll be back to his old self!   Take care, Skippy - we miss ya!






Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to



Bella Blooms! 


Marsh-Mutts Bella of Gingerway earned her AKC CD 12-13-07 with 3rd pl & title Also 12-2-07 Bella took 2nd pl in Novice JWW in Lafayette,Ind.  Shadow also took 1st in Novice Preferred St&2nd in Novice Preferred JWW.