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The Terrier Tattler
March 2005
Well, my life is finally getting back to normal!  My assistant, Tracy, is finally back to
her normal state of health and I’m finally able to get back to my agility classes and
competition.  I got SO TIRED of just hanging out around the house.  Don’t get me
wrong, I love my home and the yard is great – especially with all those squirrels
and rabbit invasions.  But I really missed seeing all my agility friends.  The last
weekend of February was great because we got to spend three full days at the IKC
show at McCormick Place downtown Chicago.  It’s huge!  Lots of dogs, lots of
shopping and AGILITY!  It was a great time to get back on the agility circuit!

Wesley was also missing all his friends at the nursing home.  Since Tracy had
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Wesley and I compete in two different clubs of agility: AKC and UKC.  They are very similar, but there are
some subtle differences.  UKC has some unusual obstacles that you don’t see in AKC Agility.  For
example,  UKC agjility has a crawl tunnel (see photo), a swing plank (a plank swinging from 4 chains that
you have to run across!), and in some levels Tracy has to stay 6 feet away from me while I perform the
obstacle (this is a big challenge for me on the weave poles).  
United Kennel Club (UKC) All Stars 2004
been so sick, they had not been able to make their regular visits.  They finally had their first visit back last
week and Wes just loved it.  I guess sometimes you need to have your favorite things taken away from you
to really appreciate them again!  

Now for the really BIG NEWS this month!!  
Happy 1st Anniversary, Terrier Tattler!!!  
It was one year ago this month I published my very first newsletter!  Wow - what a year it's been.  Lots of fun
photos, interesting information and great news about some really great dogs.  Thanks for your support and
contributions this past year.  I have really enjoyed writing the newlsetter and hope you've enjoyed it too.  I've
also added to my staff.  Mary Scheibel is now working for me as editor and quality control manager for each
issue.  Thanks to Mary's hard work, the Tattler should have fewer typos and mistakes!   This month I’m
highlighting UKC (United Kennel Club) agility and the UKC All Stars from 2004.   Back by popular demand
is the ‘Doggie Duds – Fashion Do’s and Don’ts’ column.   
Finally, An OA for Bianca!!!

It's been a long time coming, but Bianca finally achieved her AKC Open Agility title at the IKC trial at
McCormick Place.  Wesley got his OA title quickly, but Bianca didn't want to take it that seriously, and rather
enjoyed running around the course, jumping over contacts on the A-frame and dog-walk.  But she finally
did it!  
Here is a picture of me and my new little sister,
Daisy. She is going to be one year old on
March 10, so if it isn't too much trouble can you
please add a "Happy Birthday" note for her on
your March newsletter?  She joined our family
on December, after her original Mom decided
to put her "on sale". See, Daisy was to become
a show dog (she is the daughter of Am/Can Ch
Dury Voe Zydeco), but at barely 12" she is not
allowed at the breed ring, however her play
drive is very strong and she is very obedient
(unlike me) and the owner decided to sell her
as "performance" dog. She is a little bit shy
with strangers and insecure when in
unfamiliar places (Mom is working on
socialization with her, that's why she goes to
Smack Dabs on Tuesday) but at home she is
a riot. I'm still getting use to have her around,
she is a lot of fun but sometimes gets bossy
around me. She likes to nip at my legs when I
have something in my mouth she wants me to
drop.. and she gets me every single time!!!
Pup Pics!!
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UKC also rewards accuracy over speed.  If you enter an
obstacle (like the seesaw) at an angle, you lose a point or
two.  Also, the handler can’t put their hands or body over
the plane of any obstacle.  Wesley and I aren’t the
speediest agility dogs, but we can be pretty accurate.  
Because of this we’ve done fairly well in UKC agility.  Many
of our friends also compete in UKC – which is huge part
of the fun.  

Well, every year UKC publishes a  running list of the top
agility dogs in each of the three UKC classes (AG1, AG2
and AG3).  Dogs earn points for successful scores at any
UKC trial.  At the end of the year, the top 50 dogs in each
class are invited to the UKC All Star Agility Trial in
Kalamazoo, MI in June.  Dogs from all over the country will
be there.  You can see the complete 2004 Top 50 list at
the following links:

    For AGI:
    For AGII
    For AGIII:

Both Wesley and I are on the top 50 list for AG1 and AG2.  We started competing in AG3 in 2004, but did
not accumulate enough points to make the All Star list.  Big Congrats to all our buddies that made the top
50 – they are truly UKC ALL STARS.  Here's where some of our friends finished (yes, I run in pretty
prestigious company).  Big apology if I missed anyone, you know I have to rely on my assistant Tracy and
well, she's far from perfect.  
Happy 1st Birthday, Daisy!!!!
Thanks to my classmate, Pacey for sending me this
great shot of him with his little sister!  She's darn cute,
and so very petite!
Be proud of who you are.  What does Bianca love
more than anything (yes, even more than agility)?  
BALLS!!!!  She’s the biggest ball fan ever – she’s
happiest when she’s playing batting practice with
her cousin Spencer.  He hits tennis balls and she
retrieves them.  This shirt is perfect for her – it’s
all about her favorite sport!
You should never try to hide your true self.  When
you try to act like someone you’re not,  you usually
just look like a fool.   Yes, Wesley is a very cute
dog – but let’s face it – he’s not the Easter
Bunny.  Trying to pose as a bunny in this cute
sweater, he just looks phony.  He's far more cute
(and much more himself) when he dresses like a
Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
Back by popular demand..... my Canine Fashion Police column.  
This month's fashion topic:
Be True to Your Inner Self.  Your appearance should always reflect who you
are.  I've stated in my columns in the past, it's more important what you look like on the inside, than
how you appear on the outside (one of the reasons I don't like confirmation competitions!).   Here's a
perfect example....  

AGI Division:
  #1 - Bianca
  #4 - Casey (Cocker)
  #5 - Killian (Cocker)
  #6 - Izzi (Schnauzer)
  #7 - Wesley (little brother)
  #13 - Max (Sheltie mix)
  #16 - Lexi (Schnauzer)
  #27 - Murray (Cairn)
  #32 - Pearl (Sheltie)
  #39 - Rebel (Border Collie)

  #2 - Keri (Doberman)
  #3 - Carley (the best of a few)
  #4 - Izzi (Schnauzer)
  #5 - Lexi (Schnauzer)
  #6 - Killian (Cocker)
  #8 - Casey (Cocker)
  #10 - Bianca (Westie, of course)
  #12 - Wesley (little brother)
  #24 - Max (Sheltie mix)
  #26 - MacKenzie (Cairn)
  #27 - Rebel (Border Collie)
  #50 - DB (Lab)
    #3 - Killian (Cocker)
    #4 - Tica (Doberman)
    #5 - Lexi (Schnauzer)
    #16 - Izzy (Schnauzer)
    #17 - Murray (Cairn)
    #19 - Bunny (Jack Russell)
    #19 - Rebel (Border Collie)
I hope to see all my friends at the All Star and Premier competition this summer!  And hopefully this time
Wesley won't take time to poop on the pause table during his All Star agility run!!
A Day at an Agility Trial

People sometimes ask me what it's like to spend the day at an agility trial.  I think we dogs have the most
fun - running around the course, getting some really great treats, etc.  But the activities for the people
involved vary greatly.  
There are many people that work really hard at a
trial.  Especially the Trial Secretary.  Here's
Sharon working at the recent Smack Dab trial.  
She spent a very long day keeping things running
smoothly at the trial.  
Although, not everyone at a trial is working the
entire day.  Take Neil for example.  He's very
skilled at getting caught up on his sleep during
down time at a trial!