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   The Terrier Tattler
March 2007

Hello friends & fans,

Happy St. Patty's Day to all of you!  I'm so excited!  We always get to do something fun for the big day.  One year we walked in a parade, wearing green of course (see the April 2006 newsletter).  This year we're going to visit my Iowa Fan Club and compete in an agility trial near Des Moines.  It will be fun to see some of my oldest fans!

Weather here in Chicago-land has been stinky.  I'm really disappointed in my friend Phil (the ground hog) prediction just a few weeks ago on Ground Hog Day.  He had said spring had arrived, but it's pretty darn obvious it's still winter here!  We got so much snow the past week, I had to potty on the deck - it was just too deep in the yard!  Maybe next year, they'll change Ground Hog Day to Bianca the Westie Day.  I know I could predict the weather as well as Phil!





My First Vacation without Tracy!



A few weeks ago, Wes and I took a vacation without Tracy and John.  We usually all vacation together, but in February Tracy and John headed to San Francisco for a few days and Wesley and I got to spend five fun-filled days in Wilmette, Illinois with a great family - the Hoaglands.  John and Nancy (mom and dad) and Janey, Lauren and Sean (the kids in the household) were fabulous hosts and really know how to show a westie a good time!   The kids were full of energy and were really good at playing hide-and-seek with the tennis ball.  And Sean really made me feel at home, he covered me with his favorite blanket while I slept (photo on the right)!  Boy, did I ever feel special! 



I wrote letters to Tracy and John (via email), so they could know how we were doing without them.  Here's the first letter I sent to Tracy - it really gives you a sense of what a great time it is in the Hoagland's house:



Dear Tracy and John,

All is well here so far – we hope you have had a
smooth airplane ride to California wherever that is (I
think I have been there before, but I have so much on
my mind lately with our new adventure at the
Hoagland’s and all.)

After you two left, we got busy exploring – I had many
things on my TO DO list like find all of Sean’s toys,
find my new favorite place to camp out, best place to
watch for critters outside, etc.  Then I spent the
rest of the time following Nancy around – I think I
will like to do that a lot over the next few days
since she seems to be the one holding the Hoagland
family back from getting a dog.  But since she is a
female type like me, I imagine she wears the pants and
knows what’s best for the family for the time being.
Nonetheless, I will work on her over the next few days
to show her the joys of dogs, particularly Westies.

Wesley has been torn between following me around and
doing a little exploring on his own.  He mostly
follows John around when he’s not with me for whatever
reason – probably because he knows where the food and
backscratches are going to come from.  I am not so
concerned with that.

Jane and Lauren played tennis ball with me for about
two hours last night – hey, I’m thinking you warned
them that I don’t ever quit so I won’t feel bad when
they fall over in exhaustion from the game – although
I extremely impressed with their stamina.  First it
was retrieve the tennis ball – which is great fun as
you know and then Jane started the sit, stay and hide
the tennis ball.  She really is quite good at it for
an 8 year old.  Lauren picked up the hide-n-seek game
after Jane had to stop to do her homework.  Both girls
tend to like the tennis ball games, which is OK by me.

Sean is conflicted on whether he wants us in his room
or not, but he’s coming around.  Wesley sat with him
while he played with his felt picture board – he would
reach over and pat Wes on the head ever so often and
talk to him.  I don’t know what they were discussing.

After Sean went to bed it was back to John who was
folding laundry and watching TV.  Wes thought the nice
neat piles would be a nice place to sit but John
thought different and redirected him to a perfect
perch to watch all the action on the love seat curled
up in his comforter.  After a few moments of the
riveting folding clothes game, Wes was passed out.

I was curled up on the red blanket at Nancy’s feet
under the computer in the kitchen – there is a heating
vent there and made for good “under the radar”
watching of the house.  Nobody could see me peeking
out from under the table – ready to jump for whatever
fun came my way.

So, everything is going well – Wes and I are on our
best behavior in hopes of being asked back for a
future visit with the kids and the Hoagland’s are
working hard to make our visit as comfortable and fun
as possible in hopes of being asked to take care of us
again.  Hard to say who is working harder at their
objective, but I would say we make a perfect match.

Wesley and I were all the rage in the neighborhood
this morning dressed in our Fido Fleece.  We had a
nice walk around the block after inhaling our food –
everyone still finds great fascination in that, by the
way – the whole family circled around us at breakfast,
bottom jaws dropped, like they are ready to do CPR or
something should we stop breathing.  They still don’t
know us very well – all part of the Westie MO.  I give
them another day and they will relax.

Have fun and again I hope all your travels went well –
oh one more thing, the Hoagland’s love their Valentine
from us.  The girls have already decided that the
pictures will be in their bedroom and John said
something about BBQ dinner happening in the near

I will give you another update later today or
tomorrow.  I figured I would get this one off since I
was just sitting here watching John work in his office
– no one else is here at the house so we will keep him
company every waking minute.  Wes is watching critters
and people out the window and seems very happy.

Lots of kisses,

I hope Wes and I get to vacation at the Hoagland's place again.  There aren't many people that know how to love and entertain TWO westies - but these guys know how to do it right!!! 






The Most Popular Dog?


Which dog breeds are the most popular?  Hard to believe that it's not a WESTIE!!!  No, Westies are down at #33 on the list!  Labrador Retrievers are #1 on the AKC's Most Popular Breeds list which is not a huge surprise for many but this year there is a new #2 breed - the Yorkshire Terrier!  You can check out the whole list at







My Mom & Dad Went To California and All I Got Was.....




One of the great things about Tracy traveling to cool places, is that she often brings back presents for Wes and myself!  I figured with Tracy and John spending a couple of days in San Francisco, they would certainly return with a great surprise for ME! 

They brought Wesley a cute California license plate with his name on it (he's going to put it on his crate).  Guess what they brought for ME!  NOTHING!  Yeah, I was pretty shocked too!  I know there are some awesome dog stores in the San Fran area - but they came home empty handed.  Tracy said she saw really cute puppy-kimono in Chinatown (see picture) but John thought it was too much money.  So here I sit empty-pawed.  Can you imagine how cute I would have been in that kimono?  Good thing for me John doesn't travel with Tracy very often - it would really cut into my stash of gifts!











Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to




Wesley gets his first MACH points!


In last month's Tattler I mentioned that Wesley is now running AKC Agility at his 'regular' jump height of 8".  He had recently achieved his AX (Agility Excellent) title and at the end of February he got his final leg for his AXJ (Agility Excellent Jumpers) title!  What was extra special is that he achieved this at the big IKC trial at McCormick Place - in front of a big audience that applauded his great run. 


Way to go little brother!