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   The Terrier Tattler
February/March 2008

Hello fans and friends -

What can I tell you.....  I went on vacation the end of January-early February.  After spending a whole week lounging at a beach house on a Florida island, I've had a tough time getting back into the groove here. We're all trying to get back to work, agility, squirrel chasing, postman barking and other chores.  But it's tough after many days of total rest and relaxation.  This crazy February Chicago weather hasn't helped.   Maybe we don't live in Chicago any longer.  Maybe this is Alaska.  I don't recall peeing in snow so much in my life!  Hopefully it will get warm here again and Tracy will quit putting Wesley in those goofy sweaters after his swimming exercise.  He thinks he looks dapper, but honestly he looks silly.  And it's so obvious we're together.  It's embarrassing...  Well, hopefully I'll get around to an April newsletter and hopefully it will be much warmer here in Chicago by then!! 




Thanks to my IKC McCormick Place Fans!

Wes and I competed in our fourth International Kennel Club event at Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center.  It's a huge dog event - which includes conformation, obedience, rally and agility competition, along with tons of vendor booths selling all kinds of dog-related items.  I had two booths that were my favorites.  One had great ears (lamb and sow were my favorites).  The other had a favorite toy (Henrietta Hen).  It's just a ball.  Lots to see and all my dog (and people) friends are there with us.

A BIG THANK YOU to my many fans that came to support me at the event!!!  My Aunt Diane and Cousins Kate & Marie came to cheer me on.  I also got to meet some nice terrier people that Tracy works with: John, Maggie & their kids.  They really had a great time - especially since they are trying to decide which dog breed to add to their home next.  I did my darndest to convince them to make their next dog a Westie but for some unexplainable reason they were leaning toward a Wheaton or Schnauzer or something else..... I lost interest in their list when I realized they were no longer including my breed as a suitable candidate!  But they were great fans during my agility runs and cheered me on well!  And of course, my 'sis' Mary came along with 'dad' John.  This has become an annual event for them too. 

We always go to the big event with our wiener friends (the miniature dachshunds) and Sharon!   They did REALLY well in the breed ring!  Mini Me, Sharon's 6 month old wire miniature dachshund won the best dachshund puppy at the show.  It was very cool and they got to go into a fancy ring an compete for best group puppy.  Wes got to go watch, since Wes has a huge crush on Mini's mom Shelley!

If you live in the Chicago area and want to see many different dog breeds, it's a fabulous event - and as an added benefit, you get to see ME!  Keep it in mind... it's always the last weekend in February.  I'm certain we'll be back next year. 

A Place in the Sun


There's nothing quite like ten days of total rest and relaxation to break the Chicago-winter blues.  Well, my assistant Tracy had a milestone birthday the end of January, so John and I took Tracy to one of our favorite getaways....  St. George Island, Florida (oh yeah, Wesley went too).  It's a small island off the Florida panhandle, not really close to anything.  We get a house right on the beach and don't do a darn thing.  My days consisted of eating, napping, chasing a ball, napping, eating, napping, walk on the beach, napping, chasing Wesley, napping, eating, napping, chasing a ball, napping.... I think you get the picture.  I slept a bunch - I had my very own chair (see photo) - it was great.  Wes would hang out with Tracy on the loveseat, so my naps would be undisturbed!

Wes was actually more active than I this trip.  He and Tracy took long walks on the beach every morning.  There were many shells to search for - we found some unique ones this trip and we also saw some huge jelly fish washed up.  They were bigger than Wesley's head - which is huge!  Wes was very brave and actually sniffed near one (see photo).

The great thing about the vacation house is that it was right on the beach.  We could take steps right down from the deck to the sand (which is where we went potty).  Tracy would put me on a really long lead and send us down to do our business (Wes didn't have to go on a lead since he always stays so close to me his big sister!).

Well, there was a big tabby cat living at the house next door and it liked to come hang out under the stairs on OUR deck.  One day when we went down to potty, the cat was there - right under OUR steps.  So we took chase.  But that darn lead kept me from pursuing it too far.  Wes was a whole different story....  that little 'milk toast' was off leash and took right after the cat.  Tracy was in stocking feet and she came barreling down from the deck chasing after Wes, who was chasing after the cat.  It was a pretty entertaining sight.  Well, Wes and the cat ended up on the neighbor's upstairs deck with the cat cornered and hissing, and Wes barking his fool head off.  The neighbor came out and here's Tracy (in her socks) with me in tow under the deck tangled in bunch of a sand burs by this time, yelling at Wesley to come.  Wesley, in his haste to chase the cat, couldn't recall how to exit from the deck.  Tracy finally directed him off the deck, got herself and Bianca out of the burs (which were VERY painful) and apologized profusely to the neighbor for her obnoxious terrier (WESLEY). 


Wes had a few scratches (nothing serious) but whenever he was out on our deck, he never stopped watching for that cat and he never got to enjoy the freedom of pottying off leash again either!


It was a wonderful vacation and I'm very happy that John and I could take Tracy there for her 50th! 








Most Popular Dog Breeds

You can certainly guess the most popular dog breed in our household!  But every year the AKC publishes their top dog breeds based upon US registrations.  Hard to imagine the Westie doesn't show up in the Top 10 - but rather comes in at 35!  Must be because we're so hard to find!  Labs are holding their #1 spot - but I gotta tell ya...  after spending some time with my Lab cousin Maggie, I can understand why they're #1.  She's pretty darn sweet.


You can check out the entire list at


Guess what breed won the Viewer's Choice MVP for Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl?  The WESTIE PUP!!!  He got the most votes and it's not surprise since he was darling.  Animal Planet always has the Puppy Bowl on TV on Super Bowl Sunday - a great diversion for those of us that prefer pups to pigskin!



And a VERY POPULAR DOG IN THE US....  is UNO the winner of the 2008 Westminster Kennel Club.  You've probably heard about this cute and spunky little beagle that won Best in Show at this prestigious show. If you missed it live, you can catch the best in show judging online at   I'm sure Beagles will move up in the AKC Most Popular list after Uno's win this year!



A Very Special Westie Rescue

Several of my friends have been 'rescued' from a variety of situations.  Well, a Westie named Gabby from Washington state experienced a very special kind of rescue after falling down a cliff near a river.  You can see the exciting rescue at  http://www.komotv. com/home/ video/15535057. html?video= YHI&t=a.  I don't know Gabby but I'm sure glad she's ok! 





Pup Pics





A Sweetheart of a Pup



Look at this cute puppy that was born in Japan.  Perfect for Valentines day, he has a large heart-shaped pattern in his coat.  The Chihuaua was born in May last year.  The breeder said she has bred many puppies, but never experienced any markings like this.  She doesn't plan to the sell the puppy, which she named 'Heart-kun'.   Tracy said this is true - she validated it on the Snopes site to be sure. 

Very cute!






Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to



Audrey Gets MACH3


One of my favorite people, Penny Morgan, and her cute little gray poodle have been tearing up with agility courses.  Tiny little Audrey achieved her MACH3 (AKC Master Agility Champion) title.  MACH is a very prestigious agility accomplishment!  Big congrats to a great agility pair!  Now, if only Penny could learn how to send us photos!!!





C-ATCH for Max!


One of my long-time agility buddies Max has done some awesome things in his career.  He just added another very important title to his list on February 16.  Max accomplished his C-ATCH (CPE Agility Title Champion) at Run-N-Fun Agility's competition in Spring Grove.  I know how never Max's mom Diane can be when they play the Snooker game but they came through with flying colors and Max walked away with his C-ATCH title and very cool ribbon (and probably some great treats too!).  Big congrats to my buddy!












Sonny D's a Champion!

One of my Indiana buddies, 3 year old Rottweiler Sonny D finished his Champion title in Indianapolis on February 9 going Winners Dog is a class of over 21 males.  What fierce competition - he's one perfect Rottie!  Congrats to Sonny D and Nancy!








Helping Kids Read 


My Westie friend Max has a very cool 'mom' Kathy.  Max's sister Diesel (a Doberman Pinscher) helps kids feel more comfortable reading.  Diesel gets to hear about some interesting subjects too, like Green Eggs & Ham!