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Wesley and I compete in both AKC (American Kennel Club) and
UKC (United Kennel Club) Agility trials.  We first started
competing in UKC and it is the venue in which Wesley really
shines.  So much so that in his first year of competition (2003),
he made the UKC Agility All Star Top 50 list for the Agility I level.  
Wesley finished at 18 and is invited to participate in the All Star
Competition at the UKC
nationals in June in Kalamazoo, MI.  
Accuracy is more important than speed in UKC Agility, which is
why Wesley excels.  He is not a very fast dog, but he has very
clean, straight entrances to the obstacles and that’s important (I
lose points because I sometimes enter at an angle!).  I will be
joining Wesley in Kalamazoo and cheering him on in the All
Star competition.
March 2004
Welcome to the first issue of Bianca’s nameless newsletter.  Why a
newsletter you ask?   Many of you are constantly asking for the same
information – My latest agility accomplishments, what’s ‘in’ in dog
fashion, canine health tips, etc.  What’s the easiest, more effective
solution to keep all my fans in-the-know on all things Bianca? A
newsletter seemed the logical answer to address your needs.  So here
it is – my FIRST ISSUE!  

#1: NAME THE NEWSLETTER.  I have a few ideas:  The Bianca Breeze, Bianca’s Buzz, The
Bianca Chronicles, ????.  My name doesn’t have appear in the title, but then again it’s me
you’re all interested in.  Wesley (my little brother) recommended Whaz Up, Westies?, but it’
s not my preference.  He also suggested Bianca Blows, but you can imagine how I feel
about that one.  So, I’m asking you, my fans, to vote.  You can either vote for one of the
titles mentioned above, or send additional suggestions to my assistant, Tracy
( ).
#2: JOIN THE DISTRIBUTION LIST.  If you want to be notified when new publications are
posted or to become a member of my distribution list, please email your request to my
assistant, Tracy ( ).  There is no charge for this publication and
you are welcome to forward it to other fans that may not know me personally.
I’m excited to offer you so much valuable information in one location.  This is an exciting first
issue, with news of the UKC 2003 Agility All Stars, and valuable fashion advice.  The next
edition will include an update on the 2004 competitions, and guest spotlights on some of our
favorite 4 legged friends.   I hope you enjoy it!
UKC Agility
All Stars 2003
Cut and Color are keys to a good fashion
statement.  In this t-shirt, Wesley is failing on
all fronts.  The Color is very poor contrast for
his fur and makes him look dingy and
washed-out.  The Cut is another mis-step –
this tshirt may look good on the hanger, but
when he took it for a short walk just one quick
tree-marking (I think you know what I mean)
and the shirt bottom was wet, soggy and
smelly.  Not fashionable in any circumstance.  
This is an excellent choice for Wesley.  You
just can’t miss with a classic turtleneck style
in a traditional argyle.  The deep red and
black is a great color choice and really brings
out Wes’s eye, plus it’s a great contrast with
his off-white fur.  Nice choice.
Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts