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The Terrier Tattler
One of our fiercest competitors (actually he always
beats us), Murray got his NADAC Elite Agility title in
April.  Murray is awesome and he was #1 2003
UKC AGII All Star Agility Dog!  
He is now officially:

Cairndale Special Treat “Murray” 3

Congrats MURRAY & Scott!
May 2004
Spring has finally hit with full force.  It's been great spending more time outdoors.  And
since John has been home that past few weeks, Wesley and I can go out and in anytime
we want!  May also marks the start of the busy Agility time of the year (now through
September).  Many of the agility trials are held outdoors, usually on a grassy field - maybe
at a forest preserve or maybe a kind-person's acreage.  Agility outdoors is a bigger
challenge for me than my brother Wesley.  Wes has always been  better at watching Tracy
& following her lead.  I on the other hand, can't  tear my nose away from all those fragrant
outdoor smells on the grass!!!  There are some really great animal scents: chipmunks,
bunnies, squirrels, woodchucks, and one of my favorites, deer.  If only I could catch one!
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Now this crosses the line.  Probably not Gender
Appropriate for a rough-and-tumble boy-dog.  But then
again there is that whole cuteness factor!!  Could Wes
look any more adorable in his pink fluffy collar?  What's
more important, to look great or conform to gender
appropriate attire?
No one would question that this is Gender
Appropriate - a Chicago Bears sweater.  The cut is
great on Wes.  It really shows off his great physique -
those broad shoulders and trim waist.  
Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts
After a very long stint in Open ‘purgatory’ (you AKC Agility runners know what I mean!), Bianca has finally
achieved her Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ) title.  In a very chilly day at our first outdoor trial of the season at the
Paw Powers Trial in Manhattan, IL, she received a perfect score of 100 and came in 2 seconds under time!  It
was the first time she completed the weave poles correctly all weekend.  In her previous run of the day, Tracy
took her off the course early after B failed to complete the weaves after 3 attempts.  B was surprised to leave the
course early and even more surprised when she didn’t get her treat ‘jackpot’ when they left the ring!?!  But it
may have worked – she ran her next run perfectly- even the weave poles!  Now, if she can only get her Open
Standard title (she has had ZERO qualifying runs in this event!!).
* * * Gender-Appropriate Attire  * * *
Murray's the MAN!
"Toto eat my dust!"
Bianca Gets OAJ Title!
We have many conversations in our household about which dogs should wear which fabulous items in our
closet.  Since Wes is just so darn cute in clothes  and accessories, he gets to wear everything and he loves it.  I
am just not as cute in clothes, I've got that 'natural Westie' beauty.

One thing that bothers John is the lack of consideration for gender when dressing a dog.  Yes, Wes is a
boy-dog but it's hard to not put him in more feminine attire when he looks so darn cute.  So you vote - BOY
Wes beat Bianca to getting the United Agility Champion title
(UACH) on April 3.  He's been working toward it for about 18
months.  He was down to needing only one more AG-2 point
and finally on April 3 he got 4 points for a perfect but slow (2
seconds over time) run at Smack Dabs.  Judge Joe Reese
(photo at right) had some tricky courses, but Wes was on
task!   YEAH WES!
Bianca and Wes both get UACH!
Cast your vote on this subject.  
Send Bianca an email at
Contact Us with your opinion on Gender Appropriate Attire!
ever run agility with anyone other than Tracy, so
this was a real test.  Wes ran ok with Scott, but
kept looking for his big sister.  He and Scott got 2
qualifying runs!  Well, Bianca didn't want anything
to do with Scott (she went over two jumps and ran
out of the ring - again videos can be found from
links on the
Agility Events page).  
Julie offered to run Bianca in her AG2 events.  
Julie usually runs Dobermans, so running a
Westie is pretty different!  Well, Bianca needed 6
AG2 points to get her UKC Agility Chamption Title
and guess what!!  She got it in her first run with
Julie.  They were a beautiful team (again video
can be found on
Agility Events page).   Julie and
Bianca's second run was PERFECT and Bianca
got 10 more points!!!  What a wonderful day -
Tracy was sorry she missed it but was very
pleased with the results!  
Bianca's UACH
Bianca's UACH accomplishment was an incredible feat.  
Tracy was unable to attend the WAG Agility Trial that she
had registered both Bianca and Wes in on April 24.  Since
Tracy could not get a refund, two of our agility friends, Scott
Persky (see Murray below) and Julie Dorsey (see photo
below) offered to run with Bianca & Wes.  Neither dog had