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   The Terrier Tattler
March/April 2009

Hello fans and friends -

Happy Spring, although it's hard to recognize Spring sometimes in Chicago!  I have had a few really nice long sunny walks though, so I know it won't be long before we'll see consistently warmer days!  

Easter isn't a really exciting holiday for me, since Tracy won't let me eat chocolate bunnies.  However, this year she took Wesley and me to visit a BIG Easter Bunny at my favorite store, Two Bostons.  I've included our photo below, along with a very cute Easter photo from some of my friends. 

I want to really thank my friends Breezy and Joan for the great grooming tip in the Jan/Feb edition.  I got so many 'thanks' from my readers on that great grooming tip.  Please don't hesitate to share your suggestions with me!  I always love hearing from my friends and fans!                                                                                                                                           Bianca




Happy Easter!


The Ririe Rabbits (aka Terriers)



The Kenny Canines



Bianca & Wesley with the BIG Easter Bunny







Searching for a College

I've heard discussions around the house about college choices.  I started thinking about what college I would choose if I could go to school.  My buddy Willie said he'd go to Carnegie Mellon University.  Check out their website and you'll see why (Willie is a Scottish Terrier!).  I'm so upset - there MUST BE a cool university out there that has a WESTIE as a mascot, isn't there?  UGGHH - how cool would that be... going to the football games, wearing a cool cheerleading outfit, riding in a convertible in the homecoming parade.... 




Some Interesting?! Grooming Techniques



Ok... last edition had a great grooming tip from my buddy Breeze.  Well, this is not such a great grooming suggestion as far as I'm concerned...  Can you imagine having a groomer get this carried away when all you went in for was a trim?!  Yikes!  Check out these poor POODLES!!!








Pup Pics


Please send your photos to





It's always great to hear from 'old' friends.  Here's a current photo of my buddy Carly Alleva who I met several years ago when I first started agility.  You may recall beach babe Carly from our Halloween contest way back in 2004!  (you can see her in the Nov2004 Tattler)




















The pups at the Kaminski house rule the roost!!  I like that idea!




Ab Fabs


Please send your accomplishments to


Big congrats to my little poodle friend Audrey and her fun, fiesty 'mom' Penny.  Audrey earned her 6th MACH (AKC Master Agility Champion) title the first weekend in April!!  Woo hoo.  That little dog can really tear up the course!