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The Terrier Tattler
A big huge THANK YOU to everyone that entered my first Halloween Costume Contest.  Boy oh boy, there were some really fabulous entries!    It was
really hard to pick any winners from all these great costumes, they're all winners in my book!  

Thanks to my cousin Maddie and my brother Wesley for assisting with this years judging.  They both picked the same two costumes for the overall best
costume - and they couldn't decide between them - so we have a tie for Best Costume!!  Congratulations to Breeze & Joan and Carley & Jill!  They both
win a $25 PetSmart gift card!!
November 2004
And the Winners Are....
October was the very best month every!  I brain washed my assistant Tracy, and my human pet John, that they should take me on a
vacation.  I've been wanting to get away from it all for a few days, but since I can't drive my choices are somewhat limited (I don't
understand how Toonces ever did it?!).  I convinced Tracy that she and John should drive Wesley and me to St George Island - off
the Florida panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico.  We spent a whole week in our very own house right on the beach.  It was incredible!!  
This month's newsletter is a little late because I didn't return to Chicago-land until 11/7.  I've just started downloading the great
video and photos from the vacation. Be sure to look for all the details and pics in next month's newsletter.  For a sneak preview I've
included a photo of me in my life-jacket - pretty cool, huh?!
October was also very fun because of Halloween.  My friends had some fabulous costumes.  
Check out all the great costumes below!!

Thanksgiving will be here very soon and I want to take a moment to wish all of you (in the US) a very happy
thanksgiving holiday.  A big THANK YOU to the many friends that have contributed to my newsletters - it's very much
appreciated by all my fans.  This Thanksgiving, I am grateful to have been blessed with my many loyal fans (and
great friends!).  You are all the best!!!  
Miss Hawaiian Breeze
My friend Breezy the Corgi
Ab Fabs!!
Absolutely Fabulous Accomplishments
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DB is X-cellent!!!
The big day has come.....DB has finished her AG3 UKC Excellent Agility Title(U-ACHX)!! At the October Trail Creek Agility trails in LaPorte, DB was at her
best...on Saturday of her 2 runs DB took 1st place (score of 199),& her other run she thought the table was to be hopped over 2-3 times,but she was
having fun.  On Sunday DB took 2nd place( score of 200)& earned her U-ACHX title...  the second run was for fun & DB had fun with the wrong end of the
tunnel.  They had BIG fun the rest of the day...Shadow was there to cheer DB on,so not to outdo DB's big day...Shadow had 2 runs in AG2& got 2 perfect
scores of 200& two 2nd place. DB is now working on her next title in AKC in Jumpers&Weaves & also her novice title in NADAC.  LAB'S RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                            Congrats to DB,Shadow,& Michelle!!
To the MAX!  
Wes and I competed at the WAG agility trial in October.  It was fun and we did ok - but my buddy Max, wow - he was phenomenal!!  Check out his two days
of action:
10-23-04  AG1 - 2nd place -- I had a clean 200 and ran 31 seconds but the cute ittle Border Collie ran it in 26 seconds.  Darn!
10-23-04  AG1 - 1st place -- OK, so this time I wasn't going to let the Border
                       beat me so I dashed thru the course cleanly in
                       a blistering 28 seconds.  I could have run even
                       faster if my mom wasn't soooooooooooo slow.
10-24-04  AG2 -  1st place -- I was cruising and nailed my weaves and that silly
                       deck thing and got a perfect 200.
10-24-04  AG1 -  1st place -- Another speedy, clean run.  Poor mommy.  She
                        was very tired at the end of the day.

What is really cool is that Max won his very first
HIGH COMBINED ribbon!!!!!  I know how exciting that is - I won the award at WAG once - Big Congratulations
to Max (and his mom Diane!).
Beach Broad Carley
Hard to believe this bathing
beauty is 10 years old!
Best Costume  
was a tie between two cuties - funny they are both beach-ready!
The Devils!
many of us are 'devils' frequently - especially on Halloween!
Creative Costumes
Big Dogs
Small Dogs
what could be cuter!!
The judges named the M&M's Most
Creative Costume

DB, Indy and Shadow - a lab in every
How HOT!!!  
A Chili Pepper
Halloween's a time to be the
opposite of what you really are.  

That's probably why Shadow
dressed up like a BONE-HEAD!!
Biker Babe Carley
She's the most active
10 year old I know!
Skippy was named

But then again, there is a fine
line between being a Terrier
and being a Devil!!
Elijah B is a great devil
- but I know better.
He's a big sweetie under that outfit!
Some dogs embraced their '
inner devil'  
Cayman was not thrilled with the idea!
Pirate Bailey & Cowboy Cooper
are SO CUTE!!!  
But then again, Cooper is my little brother!
goes to Rocky the Clown.  
Gotta love those Westies!!
Naperville Doggie Dip
Thanks to my assistant's friend, Murray for sending me this article from Jack the airedale (terriers are the best!).
This is definitely one event I don't want to miss next year!
My pal Jack was recently at the annual “Doggie Dip” at Naperville’
s centennial beach. The last weekend the pool is in service
before closing for the season is dedicated to the one creature that
really knows how to enjoy water! Dogs!!

There is a nominal $5 fee that goes to help abandoned and stray
dogs in DuPage County. For that donation you get a “doggie bag”
with food and treat samples, coupons and information on other
activities in the area. Typically there are 150-200 dogs at the pool
and it runs from 11-3 on a Saturday.

Just look at how much fun we had!!!  
Miss Witchy Dandee!
Pretty scary!
Pitiful Pumpkin McKensie.
She's such a cutie, very
brave to dress like a
Gus as Gus, Skunk Abby and Rocky's always a Clown!
Indy is a wiz of a wizard!
Keri's a very cute pumpkin -
but Wes felt sorry for her having
to wear that hat!
Miss DB is a buzzing!!