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   The Terrier Tattler
November 2008

Hello fans and friends -

BRRR!!  It's turning into winter here in Chicagoland.  I don't mind the cold weather, but it means my walks get shorter and little less frequent.  But Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away you all know how I love that holiday - a great opportunity for dropped food on the kitchen floor and under the dining room table.  What are YOU THANKFUL FOR this year?  Share your thanks with me at and I'll share them with everyone next month!

Short newsletter this month - but lots of pictures thanks to all those great halloween costumes!





Bianca's 5th Annual Costume Contest

This Years Winner is....

Tripp the Collie as Little Red Riding Hood

Congratulations to Tripp and mom Melinda.  What a cute (and maybe a little sly) Red Riding Hood!  There were some really great entries this year and the voting was very close!  We had a four-way tie going until Wesley (John) cast his vote.  We even received entries from other species this year! 


Here are this year's entries.  Click on a photo to see a bigger version of it.

Joker Jack

Jack is a real ham when it comes to posing for the camera and he really is a joker at heart! And he's the first cat to enter my competition!

Cowpokes Cindy Lou & Woody

Here are Cindy Lou and Woody (with human Jesse) all decked out in their best western wear ready for a hoe down!

Bumble Bee Dandee

Dandee gets sympathy votes for that sad expression! Don't know that this a bee to fear.

Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion

I LOVE MacKenzie as Dorothy! She got votes for taking the time to grow her hair and braiding it (someone thought it almost looked like her own hair!).

King Rocko & Princess Abigail

Rocky is wearing his crown at such a jaunty angle, with such a regal attitude, he really pulls off the whole royal persona!

Niko Bee

Niko is a much happier looking bee than Dandee! So cute and defintely not one that looks like he'd sting.

'Not so Great' White Shark Murphy

Now I know better - Murphy really is pretty GREAT, as far as westies go... maybe not so much as a shark!

Willie the Castle Gargoyle

I think Willie is just too cute to be considered a Gargoyle, but then since it's just for one day, I guess it's ok.

Jack the Crusader

Again... Jack never passes up an opportunity to ham it up for the camera. He's got to be a lot more fun to live with than Isabella!

Abigail's First Halloween!

No, she's not a dog but since she's related to Wes' girlfriend Shelley, he wanted me to include her photo. Besides, she is a pretty cute ladybug!







Pup Pics

We LOVE photos of pups!!!  Send yours to 









Hank may not have won my Halloween Contest (ok, he didn't even enter) but he's still one lucky dog!  Here he is on his recent visit out to the west coast - enjoying Half Moon Bay near San Francisco. 













There's also a beautiful place to visit, especially in the Fall, right here in Illinois.  My friends Hailey and Maribel have made a couple of hikes through Starved Rock Park at Utica, Illinois.  I've never been there but they've shared some of their photos and it's absolutely gorgeous.  You can see their slide show at .  Thanks for sharing guys!








Here's Miss Cindy Lou (without her cow poke gear) posing for a Fall photo.  She's really cute and such a good girl - I know how hard it is for a terrier to sit still!
















Just in case you missed the cover of the Sears Holiday Wish Book.... 

No, it's not me or my brother, but it sure is a cute westie!










Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to





Magnificant MACH 5 for Miss Audrey

The tiny twosome of Audrey and Penny Morgan have achieved their 5th MACH (AKC Master Agility Champion) title.  This is very impressive.  Congratulations and best wishes for some great runs for both Audrey and Bunny at the upcoming AKC Invitational in Long Beach!  Sure wish I was going to be there to cheer you on!!! 




CDX for Bella!

Bella Riccelli earned her UKC CDX Title with a 2nd place at Paw Power on October 19.  Now that was a pretty nice Sweetest Day present for Ms Michelle!









Halloween Fun  Sorry Jack, but sometimes it's kind of fun to pick on cats!