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   The Terrier Tattler
October 2005

Hello friends & fans –  

Welcome to October!  You know what that means – it’s time for my 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest.  Check out the details below.  I can not wait to see your entries!  September was a ball with lots of agility with my pals (and my brother Wesley) and I got to go to a special Agility Workshop with Tracy for 3 days.  It was really fun to have 3 full days of running agility and learning some new techniques.  I also got to meet some new friends – a couple border collies, a flat-coat retriever Jack and a big, cool Doberman named Romel was my ‘tent mate’.  We had great weather for the workshop, which was held outdoors.  You just never know about the weather this time of year in Chicago, but it’s pretty obvious that Fall has hit – the squirrels are going crazy trying to get ready for winter.  They are running all over MY yard looking for treats.  Wes and I have been on patrol every waking hour. 


In this month’s Tattler you’ll also find part 2 of my Dog Days in Wisconsin camp commentary.  I’m also including a very cool way for dogs to bring happiness to kids and help them grow, along with my standard columns.  Enjoy and get those Halloween costume photos in! 





Murray Does It Again in 2005!!

2005 is an awesome year for my friend Murray, the Cairn Terrier.  Early in the year he earned his first AKC MACH (Master Agility Champion) – a prestigious agility title.  Well, he’s done it again – at the recent Rand Park trial in Merrillville, IN, Murray and his assistant Scott Persky achieved his MACH II!!!  Very incredible.  Here’s Murray with assistant Scott and his ‘mom’ Ruthanne. 



Flying HIGH (in trial)!    


Winning High in Trial at a UKC Agility Trial is quite an accomplishment…. But what about winning HIT twice in one day!!!  Well, that’s exactly what my buddy Max did at the Smack-Dabs UKC Agility Trial!  Congrats to Max and his mom, Diane!









Clyde Flies High Too!

My classmate Clyde (a very cool Collie) was awesome at the September UKC agility trial at Smack Dabs. He got 2nd place with a 199 (out of 200), and then a perfect 200 for first place!  I was so proud of him!  Here he is with his winnings!  Congrats to Clyde (and of course, to handler Melinda!).





Pacey is not Pacing Himself!!!


Pacey has not wasted any time at all in getting to Excellent A JWW and wouldn't you know it, he has already earned his AJP title!  What a great accomplishment for Pacey & Maribel! 


Ab Fabs!!
Absolutely Fabulous Accomplishments - submit your Ab Fabs to 


Agility's in His Genes!

There’s soon to be an addition to my buddy Elijah’s home.  His mom and dad, Nancy & Hoover, will be bringing a baby Ridgeback puppy to their fun house.  His full name is Emerald Isle's Braveheart, but he’ll be Orion for short.  Orion comes from a line of agility champs.  Orion’s dad, Mick, is about to get his MACH (he will be the first male Ridgeback to do so!) and his Mom has her Agility Excellent (AX & AXJ titles).  Here you see him already following in his Mom’s footsteps!



Two Times the Love!

My buddy Skippy has a new little sister named Molly, a cute little 4 year old Cairn Terrier.    Molly came to Skippy (and Shelley & Jim’s) home through Cairn Rescue USA.  She used to live in a small town in Kansas but was given up by her owner because she needed surgery for bladder stones (ouch).    She's had her surgery, is doing beautifully and is getting along great with her new family, particularly brother Skippy who is the best wrestling partner a girl could ask for!   Skippy and Molly are "two peas in a pod" as the attached pics show! 


Pup Pics!!
We LOVE photos of pups!!!  Send yours to 

Dog Days of Wisconsin

Part 2 of 2


In last month’s Tattler (September Tattler) I told you about the fun 4 day camp that Wes and I went to in August: Dog Days of Wisconsin.  There was so much fun to share, I couldn’t fit it all in one newsletter - so here's Part 2!






There were really fun times at camp but there were also a few embarrassing moments – like the ‘Doggie Makeover’ session Tracy took me too.  I don’t know what she was thinking.  Maybe she’s trying to turn me into a ‘model’ dog like my brother Wesley. 

But needless to say it was a bit embarrassing when the camp photographer caught this shot of me with my ‘purple trim’! 



I did get a chance to win back my pride at the Puppy Olympics.  My team won the agility event and I finished 2nd in the Puppy Buffet event.  In the Puppy Buffet, each dog is given the same food.  If you don’t eat it, you have to sit down.  They gave us banana, peach, pear, pickle, potato (uncooked), cauliflower.  I ate everything, so did a corgi.  Sometimes I 'sat pretty' for it (see photo at the left).  It got down to the me & the Corgi and then they did a timed contest as a tie breaker – who ever ate their piece of cauliflower first won.  Well, the Corgi ate it faster than me, but 2nd place is pretty ok.





Mornings could start with a sunrise hike or a canoe trip on the lake.  I have never been in a canoe and it sounds really fun, but we didn’t do it this year.  It sure looked fun!  I’m hoping to try it next year! 






One of the fun events at the end of camp was the costume contest.  Boy, oh boy, they sure came up with some doozies!  I guess the campers start working on them many months in advance.  My favorite was my roommate Gretchen the dachshund.  She and her assistant Janet dressed up in army attire – very cute.  The Tootsie Roll was another favorite:




The most fun activity of the entire camp was lure coursing.  This is a ‘race’ where the dog chases a lure (a plastic shopping bag).  It’s an event that sight hounds can compete in (Westies aren’t sight hounds, but the nice man running the equipment named Wes an ‘honorary sight hound’).  Those of you that know Wes, know he doesn’t get too excited about much of anything. He usually lollygags around the agility course, but I tell you what, when he sees the lure he goes nuts!!  He can’t even stand to watch other dogs chasing it while he’s waiting for his turn – he pulls on the leash and barks like crazy.  Look at him running in these photos – hard to believe that’s little Wesley.







I can’t wait until camp next year (I made sure my assistant already registered us!).  It will be more of the fun we had this year and a chance to try some new events too.  And, my friend Ernie and Wes’ friend Breezy will be there too.  We’re starting to plan our costumes now! 



Breezy Hits The Presses

My friend Breezy is really famous now (ok, she’s really Wesley’s friend – Breezy & I really don’t get along).  Miss Breeze’s pretty picture was used with an article in last month’s Clean Run magazine (all the COOL agility people read it).  Photographer Alissa caught Breezy in her signature ‘sit pretty’ position.





Test Your Dog Food IQ!

Many dogs have a reputation for eating ANYTHING!  Now for the bad news, some things aren’t so good for us!  Take this quiz to see how well you know what we canines should and shouldn’t eat: .




Calling All Costumes 

2nd Annual Halloween Costume Contest!       

Last year’s Halloween Costume contest was so much fun.  It was a ball getting so many fun and creative photos of all of you dressed up for the big Halloween holiday and the readers loved seeing them too (check out last year’s costumes at the November 2004 Tattler). 

SO….. I’m happy to announce another costume contest this year!!!  Just dress up in your favorite costume, take a photo and email the pic to me at

Be sure to send your photos before November 1st to be eligible for the contest!! 


Reading’s For the Dogs!

As many of you know, my brother Wes has been a Therapy Dog visiting a local nursing home for over a year now.  He loves visiting his friends there, many of whom are elderly.  I usually think of hospitals, nursing homes and rehab centers as the primary places for a Therapy Dog to work their magic.  But I just learned of another a very rewarding place for these gifted dogs to help children – through reading programs in their schools and libraries.  My recent TDI (Therapy Dog International) newsletter was focused on the benefit of having children read to therapy dogs.  My assistant Tracy volunteers at a school that has children read to dogs – it really makes the kids feel at ease and gives them the ability to practice their reading skills in a low-stress environment.  You can see the TDI newsletter I mentioned at 



At a recent agility workshop I met a flat-coat retriever, Jack, that works together with his friend Susan in a really special Chicago-based reading program call Sit, Stay, Read.  This organization has a structured program focused on 2nd and 3rd graders in which every child has the opportunity to read aloud to a specially trained therapy dog. Reading to the dogs increases confidence and generates excitement about reading.  Dog-themed books and writing projects round out the program. The dogs bring the sessions to life and provide a text-to-world connection—read about a dog; see a dog; touch a dog. With an average of one adult to every four children, each child receives plenty of care and attention.  Susan and Jack sure enjoy working with Sit, Stay, Read and the benefit it gives to the kids.  You can learn more about Sit, Stay, Read at