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   The Terrier Tattler
September/October 2006

Hello friends & fans –

Welcome to the September/October Terrier Tattler – yes, another double-month edition due to my assistant’s hectic schedule with her ‘day job’.  Tracy has been leaving every week early on Monday morning and not getting home until Thursday or Friday night.  If only I could pay her what that other place does – then I could have her all to myself and you’d get monthly editions of your favorite newsletter!

This is an exciting month – it’s time for my 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Contest.  This years prizes will no doubt be awesome – so put on your costumes and get those cameras snapping!  Tracy let Wes & I pick out our own costumes this year (last year’s Princess Leia wig was SO EMBARRASSING!).  This year I have a pretty costume that I adore.  Speaking of costumes, be sure to read my article about dog camp in this edition – my camp buddies and I dressed up and it was awesome!  So, be sure to send me a photo of you in your Halloween costume by 11/1/2006 to enter the contest.  Send your entries to . You can even send more than one photo if you really like to dress up!




Summer Camp 2006!



The only good thing about summer coming to an end, is that it’s time for SUMMER CAMP!  This was the second year that Tracy took Wes and I to a great summer camp just for dogs: Dog Days of Wisconsin.  It’s in a beautiful wooded area in Central Wisconsin (complete with a lake).  A bunch of my friends were there and this year we had a great cabin – with all our buddies. 










We started camp with a luau party – complete with games like limbo!  We even got to dress in luau-appropriate attire. 









Of course we did many of the activities we love – lure coursing, hiking, swimming, chasing balls, chasing dogs, a tennis ball hunt, canoeing, eating and sleeping.  This year I also got to take a class in Dock Diving.  As many of you know I love to swim out to retrieve tennis balls from the lake.  Well in dock diving, you just have to learn to jump into the lake from a platform.  The contest is to see how far you can jump.  It’s kind of unusual to see a Westie doing dock diving (it’s mostly big hunting/water dogs), but I didn’t do too bad.  I jumped 6 feet and got 2nd place!!!!  I hope I can try that again soon.  The camp photographer took a great photo of me during class - I don't have it yet, but I should have it in time for the next Tattler!


This year our cabin had a ‘group theme’ for the costume contest.  We were ‘The Nature Lovers’ and Breezy’s dad wrote a very cool poem about all of us to introduce us to the campers.  The Nature Lover parade began with little Gretchen the bird watcher – complete with dachshund-size binoculars to catch a glimpse of some of the birds on mom Janet’s shirt. Next came fisherman (actually fisher-dog) Breeze.  She had the cutest fishing vest and a cool hat with lures.  She was followed by our life guard, Golden Retriever Ernie who looked so cool in his bright orange shorts and sunglasses – a very cool dude.   My buddy Gypsy wore a beautiful butterfly outfit and she was being ‘chased’ by Fiona, our corgi butterfly catcher.  Then came Wesley and I.  We had a joint costume – we were in a canoe that Tracy & John fashioned out of lots of PVC, Velcro and foam.  It was pretty cool and everyone laughed at the Westie powered boat!  Then bringing up the rear was the dreaded ‘Big Foot’ creature (AKA Fergus).  It was a very cool and fun group of costumes and needless to say, we took the contest paws down! 





















I can’t wait for camp next year and having so much fun with all my buddies.  Check it out at, if you'd like more details! 


Are You a Scaredy Dog?

Big thanks to my friend Pacey and his mom Maribel for sharing a great book recommendation that may help many of you out there.  Thanks for sharing Maribel.  Others out there – don’t hesitate to send me your dog-related book reviews.


The book is "Help for Your Fearful Dog: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Your Dog to Conquer His Fears", by Nicole Wilde CPDT. The book just came out this month, it’s a GEM!


I've read several books that have dealt with some aspect of fearfulness and shyness, but this is the first one I read that truly offers a  look at all aspects of fearfulness and how to deal with it in a comprehensive way as owner or trainer. Its over 400 pages of easy to follow and practical/useful  advice with step by step behavior modification programs including desensitization and counter conditioning techniques to deal with very specific fears and phobias. It has description and recommendations of products and cutting-edge complimentary therapies to alleviate anxiety. Its full of very descriptive illustrations and photographs. It teaches how to read/recognize stress signals from your dog and how your attitude affects your dog's behavior. This book should be on every trainer's reference library and it’s a MUST HAVE for all owners of fearful dogs.




Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to





Take it to the MAX!


Huge congrats to my Sheltie-mix buddy Max.  Max and his mom Diane, had some great agility runs at WAG to earn his UGRACH (UKC Agility Grand Champion) title.  It’s the top UKC agility title and quite an accomplishment.  Max was also last year’s AG1 and AG2 top AMBOR Agility dog.  Here’s a great shot of the cutie with his Top Dog trophies.  Wow, trophies.  How cool is that!









My new ‘Cousin’ Niko
My name is Niko, I am the new dog adopted by Tracy's 
cousin Julie and her family. I was a foster dog in a shelter,
living in a prison! So they like to joke that they paroled me.
Julie's daughter Alane, who is 11, went to the county fair 
with me this fall. I didn't do so well with Obedience (6th 
place), but I did qualify for the State fair. In Grooming and 
Handling, though, I got first place in my class. 
Alane plans to show me again next year, we have a lot 
of work to do. Here is my picture with Alane.










The Gentle Giant


One of my newest buddies from camp, Fergus is HUGE Great Dane.  I have never seen a dog so tall.  Wow, if I were that big I’d be taking charge EVERYWHERE I go.  But not Fergus, he’s so well behaved and nice.  As a matter of fact, he recently passed his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test and also received his TDI (Therapy Dog International) certification. 


He was even a good citizen in the cabin at camp.  Fergus shared a room with me and Wes.  He had a great football toy that I just loved (I even used it as a pillow one night).  When we were leaving camp, he gave it to me to take home!  How nice is that?!


Big congrats to the big guy!







AAA - It isn't just for cars!

My friend Pacey has some health issues and takes lots of medicine to help him.  Some of the meds get very expensive (and amazing enough it’s the same stuff some humans take!).  Well, Maribel found out

that some of your pet's prescriptions are eligible for AAA Prescription Savings Plan through Caremak. She couldn't believe it so she called AAA Prescription plan and they confirmed that as long as your pet's medication is of the human kind, the savings plan will apply!!!!

After a quick check on Pacey's medicines... she was shocked.. She can save $150.00 on a 3 month supply of Felbatol and the most shocking one was the $320 possible savings on Keppra for a 3 month supply. She signed up for AAA right away!



Beware of those sweets!

I read a very sad article about a big dog that had a very unfortunate thing happen to it.  You know how most of us pups are – we’ll eat just about anything.  Well, just because something is good for people, it may not be healthy for us. 


The article told of a large dog (56 pounds) who ate a half a container of raisins.  Sounds healthy enough, right?  Well, raisins do very bad things to dogs (can cause a thing called Renal Failure) and this poor dog didn’t survive.  Wow, who would think something as sweet and innocent as raisins could make such a big dog so sick. 


You can see the story validated by Snopes at .  A word to the wise….  Just eat what your human gives you - don't make decisions on your own!