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   The Terrier Tattler
September 2008

Hello fans and friends -

I thought I better get a September newsletter out there quick since I'm visiting my favorite orthopedic surgeon tomorrow - and it's not a social visit!  You may recall I ruptured my cruciate ligament last summer and Dr. Claude Gendreau did an awesome job of repairing my left knee with TPLO surgery (see July 2007 Tattler).   My left knee recovered well and with the help of physical therapy at Dr. Julie's place (Integrative Pet Care) it's really strong.  But it's not uncommon for the 'other' knee to suffer a similar injury within a year.  I'm sorry to say my knee has been bothering me for a bit and while it's not has severe and injury as my left one suffered last year, my vet has diagnosed a Grade II cruciate injury (likely a partial tear :-( ).  So tomorrow I'm off to see my friend Dr. Gendreau and I won't be surprised if he recommends another TPLO procedure for my right knee this time.  At least this time I know what to expect!  It's not fun - 2 weeks of no activity, 6 weeks of very limited walking, and Tracy won't even let me think about agility for months!  But the good news is I'll have bionic knees after this!                                                                                                                                               Bianca


Happy Birthday Rocky!

Wow - My Westie buddy Rocky just turned 10 years old.  I remember when I started my agility lessons at Smack-Dab's, Rocky was there and I couldn't believe he was older than I was.  Happy Birthday, big guy!  You don't look a day over 5! 


Baby Rocky                     Rocky Today










Is that A Scottie?

I'm surprised how many people confuse the various terrier breeds.  When we're out walking people often think I'm a Scottie!  I thought it might be helpful for you to learn a little more about some your favorite terrier breeds ;-) !  Here's an article about Westies that Tracy wrote for another newsletter...

The West Highland White Terrier

Let me begin by correcting a common misconception:  Westies are NOT simply white versions of Cairn Terriers.  I believe a brief West Highland White Terrier history lesson is a good place to start!

Many ‘short-legged’ Scotch terriers share the same origin.  The Scottish, Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont and the West Highland White Terriers all originated from the same stock.   These dogs were tough, small game hunters, in a variety of colors.  Legend has it that Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, of Poltalloch, Argyllshire, Scotland was hunting with one of his reddish terriers.  While emerging from cover, it was mistakenly shot for a fox.  Malcolm decided then and there to only breed white dogs that could be easily identified during the hunt.  This led to the Westie breed we know today.  The breed was listed officially as the West Highland White Terrier in 1907 at Crufts, the first AKC registration was in 1908 and in 1909 the West Highland White Terrier Club of America was founded. 

The Westie is a large dog in a small body, possessing a high degree of self-esteem and tenacity, as many terriers do.  They are intelligent, hardy dogs that excel at a variety of performance events.  Earth dog is the premier sport for many Westies since they are truly varmint hunters.  While they are intelligent enough for agility, their independent attitude can make them a challenge to train.  Many would rather run ‘their’ course: following a scent or perhaps investigating an interesting piece of fluff they’ve found on the ground.   More than one Westie owner has approached me saying “I would never have the patience to try agility with my Westies”.  This may be one reason there have only been THREE Westies achieve the AKC MACH Agility title in the US!   But once your Westie gets focused on whatever event you’re participating in, watch out.  They have tremendous drive and tenacity.  You will find Westies active in Earth Dog, Tracking, Fly Ball and Lure Coursing.  Why I have even done a little Dock Diving with Bianca!

My Westies, Bianca and Wesley, are my first Westies and my first dogs as an adult.  I especially love creatures that possess an abundance of attitude and independence, so the breed sounded perfect for me.  Since they are small critter hunters, they are not recommended for households with other small pets (such as cats).  However, B and Wes share their home with a cat and everyone tolerates each other, as long as the cat doesn’t run from them.  A chase is good fun in their book, but if the kitty just stands still the excitement dissipates and the dogs lose interest. 

I’ve found Female Westies tend to be more dominant and independent; while the Males are sweeter and more affectionate.  This is true for mine.  Bianca is the wild one – always up for a game. Wesley on the other hand prefers a good belly rub over any other activity.  He’s been an active TDI Therapy Dog for 4 years visiting a local nursing home where he is a bit of a celebrity.  This activity is perfect for his sweet, laid-back personality and he brightens the day of many with each visit. 

People often ask me if Westies are good family dogs.  I don’t recommend them for families with toddlers, since they don’t tend to tolerate pulling or prodding with little hands.  But they are very good around kids that are old enough to treat them appropriately.  Bianca loves my nephews and will play baseball with them whenever we visit.  She’s the best batting practice partner my nephew’s ever had – he bats the tennis ball and she tirelessly runs it down, brings it back, drops it at his feet and run out to field another hit.  I have to monitor the activity since neither Bianca or my nephew will know when they’re exhausted! 

The West Highland White Terrier is a feisty, intelligent, loving small dog.  When I purchased my Westies I didn’t realize how dedicated I would become to the breed.  I now know I will always have a Westie in my family.

More information is available at:






Pup Pics

We LOVE photos of pups!!!  Send yours to 





Sleeping Buddies


I like to have my space when I'm sleeping, but it's obvious that Carson and Bosco love to snuggle together when they nap.  These two are pretty much inseperable, even when it's nap time.  Pretty cute, huh?! 


I'm sure mom Michele is pretty happy to have some quiet time while they are BOTH napping! 









Sweeter Than Wine! 

One of Tracy's buddies from NY has finally made the smart move to bring a puppy into their family!  Pinot (like the wine) is a cute little Puggle (Pug/Beagle mix) and is thrilled to be a part of the Woolcot household.  The little girl is a sweetie and is amazing at taking to her potty training!  wow!  What a cutie!  Can't wait to see more photos as she grows up.








Welcome to the Family!


I'm not sure how she's related (she belongs to John's niece) but Miya is the newest pup to come into our extended family.  She's a Yorkie - and like any terrier, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't let her size fool ya...  I'll bet she's a pistol!














What a Sweet Face!


This cute American Pit Bull Terrier, Bud is the lucky new pup in my friend Melanie's home.  I know Melanie (and Misty & Tess) from my early agility days.  Well, the girls have add this 18 month Champion to their household.  It's a good thing they have Brewster (a much younger Boston Terrier) visiting often since Bud has a ton of energy and Misty & Tess are older gals! 


Buds starting to play on some agility equipment and seems to be enjoying it.  I can't wait to start seeing him and Melanie at some of the trials soon!













Like a Fish



I remember when little Hailey was so shy and fearful. 


But now this summer she's not only doing having fun doing Rally-0 but she's also taking to the pool!  Check her out.  She's swimming up a storm! 













Talents Outside the 'Ring'


You may recall last month's Tattler had a photo of Murray the Cairn Terrier celebrating his latest agility MACH title.  Murray's got the coolest mom Ruthanne who makes really good treats.  I like her a lot.  His agility partner Scott is not exactly my favorite person, some say he's a talented agility handler (he and Murray make an awesome team but when he tried to run with me I just left him far behind!).  Well, I found out that Scott has other talents outside the agility ring!  He plays the steel drum.  Tracy and John went to see him at Bahama Breeze and had a fun time.  Tracy even got to get up on stage and play back up! 










Summertime Fun


I love summer, laying in the sun, swimming in the lake, hiking in the woods, chasing squirrels, the fun just never ends.  And I'm not alone.  Here's my friend Hailey enjoying Summer relaxing outdoors too!













Along for the ride!


My friend Hailey has a special brother, Jack.  He's 'special' because he's not a dog, he's a cat!  Hailey loves to go on long walks with mom Maribel, but Jack had to stay home.  Well, they finally found a way for Jack to come along! 


Jack now joins Hailey and Maribel in a Happy Trails Stroller from PetGear.  He stays safe and comfortable.  They got their stroller at .  Here's a picture of Jack in the stroller with Hailey standing in the background.


If you have any neat products (toys, beds, treats, etc) that you've experienced and would like to share with us, please email me at  The readers love to hear first paw reviews!




Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to






Love That Wiener!

I admit I don't know much about how dog breeds are judged in the show ring, but I do know that my friend Sharon knows her stuff when it comes to dachshunds.  Her babies are some beauties and of course, Wesley absolutely adores some of them!  Here are some great pictures of yet another one of the Champions from her line.  This is Sherman - isn't he handsome!  And he's just a puppy.... What a hunk he'll turn out to be!!! 

















Westie Joke!

A very old, very well-loved Westie dies and is met at the gates to Animal
Heaven by
St. Francis. St. Francis says, " You were a very good dog and
you have a place waiting for you in Animal Heaven. Is there anything I can do for you to make your eternal stay here more comfortable? " The Westie thinks for a minute, then says," My family loved me very much, but they were very poor. I always had to sleep on the floor. If you could give me a pillow to lay on I would be very happy." "No problem," responds the saint. Next thing you know, there is a five foot square red velvet embroidered cushion, with gold fringe and tassels. The Westie settles in with a contented sigh.

Soon after, a group of chipmunks arrives at the gate to Animal Heaven.
St. Francis meets them and says, "You were all very good chipmunks and you have a place waiting here for you. Is there anything I can do to make your stay more comfortable? " One chipmunk speaks up, "All our lives we have had to run from cats, and dogs, and foxes, and other animals. We would be very happy if we never had to run again." "No problem!" says St. Francis, and the next thing you know, each chipmunk has two pairs of solid gold
roller skates. The chipmunks skate away, squeaking their thanks.

A few days later, St. Francis is strolling through Animal Heaven, and decides to check on the newest residents. He comes across the Little Westie, sleeping on his cushion with his paws in the air. As he approaches, the Westie awakes. St. Francis asks him, "Well, my little friend, how are you enjoying Animal Heaven?" "Oh, it's just wonderful here, my cushion is so soft and comfortable, " replies the Westie. "And the Meals-on-Wheels was a great touch."