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Bianca & Wes
try a Terrier Race!

There are two races on the
We're not in the first one,
but it's a good view of a
race from start to finish.
We're in the second race!
Check out the Terrier Races!

Killian is very agile!
The Terrier Tattler
September 2004
Doggie Duds
Momma's Boy??!   Enough is enough!
Yes, Wes is my brother.  Yes, I love him.  
I've tried to be a good role model for him.  I
play games with him even though he isn't
good at any of them.  But sometimes it's
really hard to be a big sister.  Wes' new
shirt is just a little too much.  

Wes is what John calls a 'suck up'.  He
always plays really sweet and lovey-dovey
at all the appropriate times.  He's
perfected the 'pitiful pearl look' - ears back,
looking up at people with his big brown,
sad eyes.  And he uses it, to get treats,
tummy scatches, praise....

Well, give me a break!  I'm always genuine
- the real Bianca.  Not everyone
appreciates that, but they always know
where I stand on things.  Wes on the other
hand, he works every situation to his
advantage.  I think I'll get my own shirt - but
it sure won't say Momma's Girl!

Momma's Boy - what a sissy!!!
August was great fun.  The Wilson family reunion trip to Iowa was exhausting but an
absolute ball!!!  Not only did I retrieve many thrown tennis balls, I also did lots of running
in the fields and garden (carefully avoiding Grandma Dorie's flowers - I'm no dummy!!).  
The only downside to jumping and running through the fields is that there are some
plants that have prickly, sticky burrs.  They don't slow me down - I don't notice them at
all.....  until someone starts trying to remove them from my fur in very sensitive areas.  
YIKES!  Tracy gave up trying to comb them out and was ready to just shave them out.  
Thank heavens she called my groomer Elaine for advice!!!  Elaine convinced Tracy to
keep up the slow combing to remove them - saving me from what would have certainly
been a very embarrassing cut that would have taken months for Elaine to correct!!  
Terrier Races
I'm highlighting different dog activities/events each month.  This month's event is a unique one - I've only seen
one before - but it was definitely very exciting!!!       
As always send me your feedback and suggestions at  
Contact Us.     -Bianca
One of the most fun agility spots is the Wisconsin-Illinois Agility Group
or WAG.  The WAG agility club has really fun and nice dogs – and their
facility is nice too (plus it’s air conditioned which is a big plus in the
summer!).  They usually have UKC trials every couple of months and we
try to always enter them.  I get to see a lot of the agility ‘gang’ and since
this is the site where Julie Dorsey fed me lots and lots of Pupperoni to
help induce my UACH, it has very warm memories.  

Our performance at WAG has been like much of my agility career – a bit
unpredictable.  At the WAG trial in August, both Wes and I had lots of fun
but didn’t have very good performances (we only got points in AG1 on
Sunday – none on Saturday!).  The prior trial at WAG on July 4 weekend
was a whole different story.  Wes and I came home with tons of ribbons
AND….  On July 3 I received the High Combined title (and a really big
pretty ribbon) and Wes won High Combined on July 4!!!  ‘Small’ dogs
don’t win this title as often as the ‘big’ dogs.  It’s based on  combining
your two scores for the trial.  We often may have a perfect score, but in
the case of a tie the fastest times win and well, we aren’t known for our
speed.  It was pretty cool to win a High Combined – we were so
surprised, my assistant had already loaded us up and we were heading
home when my prize was awarded!!!!  We just didn’t expect it!!!  
Tail WAGging Fun!
I've posted an Iowa 'burr' photo (and some other photos to my About Us page - check it out!).  September will
be another fun month - I'm entered in my very first Earth Dog trial - very exciting!  AND for my Iowa Fan Club -
the Des Moines Agility Trial is September 17 - 19.  See some of you there!  
My WAG Friends!
Happy Max
My classmate Gypsy
Another cute Westie: Murphy
Watson, Caprice & Grace
The Wiener & the Min Pins
Smile Tess!
Talented Keri
The finish line is the back opening of the tunnel opening.  Basically, the first dog that runs down the track and
goes through the tunnel wins.  Since there will be 6 dogs running through this opening very quickly, there is a
catch area on the other side of the end barrier.  It’s a small fenced in area so when the racers come through the
finish tunnel they can’t run away.  There are two handlers in the catch area (wearing thick gloves) to grab the
dogs and get them back to their owners.  

So what entices the dogs to run down the track, through the tunnel?  Well, there is an unscented, imitation fur
lure (attached to 275’ of string) to chase!  The race starter waves the lure in front of  the terrier when they are in
the starting box, then drops it.  The dogs get real excited and then the starting box door opens, the lure is pulled
down the track, through the finish tunnel.  The race is over in a matter of seconds.  To make it even more
challenging, small hurdles can be added for the dog to jump as they race.

It’s a very exciting and fun event to watch and even more fun to participate!!  I would like to do more of these
events, but there aren’t many held in our area.  Wes and I did get a chance to try it at the UKC Premier last
summer (video to the left).  It was fun – and the catchers weren’t sure which Westie came through the tunnel
first (Wes and I both raced), but the Westies were #1 &2 (although review of the video shows that I beat Wes
through the tunnel – but it was really close).  Yes, we beat those darn Rat & Jack Russell Terriers!  I really
wanted that furry thing they waved in front of us and I never got it!!!  
Terrier Races are a very fast-paced UKC competition.  As
the name implies, terriers (dachshunds are also allowed)
compete in a race – chasing an artificial lure to the finish

Up to 6 dogs are placed in starting boxes at the start line
of the race.  The race course consists of a starting area,
track, a finish line and a catch area.  The start area has
starting boxes for up to 6 dogs.  The 175-250 foot track is
on a natural surface, usually grass.  There is a track
barrier at least 3 feet high running the entire length of the
track.     At the end of the course is the end barrier – it’s at
least three feet high and runs across the width of the track
(it’s usually stacked bales of hay).  There is a small tunnel
opening (approx 15”) – just large enough to allow one
terrier to pass through at a time.
Terrier Race -
no Westies in this race though! :-(