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Bianca & Wesley
2Westies.com is the official web site of Bianca and Wesley - two West Highland White          Bianca- just a few months old
Terriers (aka Westies).  Bianca and Wes are full brother & sister - born in different

litters a year apart.  

Bianca was one of Mom Angel's first puppies, born on May 13, 2000.  Dad Bubba was
so proud!  The pups were born into a lot of love and fun at Debbie's house.  When Tracy
first saw the pups she couldn't say no!    Bianca was always high energy and loved to
play - she had two speeds GO and SLEEP.  When she wanted to play, it's hard to say
no.  So, the next Spring, it was time to bring her a playmate.  That's where Wesley came
into the picture.

Wesley was born to Angel and Bubba on April 22, 2001. He was the smallest of the
litter (his nickname was Stubby) but had a great personality.  He's the perfect
companion for his sister.  He has plenty of energy, but loves nothing more than a good
scratching!!!  Wes is a lover boy and a bit of a baby.   He's so different from his sister.  
He even looks different - he looks more like his dad, whereas B looks like her mom.

          Mom (Angel)                                                                         Dad (Bubba)








More Fun Photos  


Baby Wesley

what a smile!





























We 'clean up' well!

















        Fun in Iowa

yeah, burrs hurt but it's so much fun when you're chasing a rabbit through them!










Therapy Dog Wes
Wes has been visiting a nearby
nursing home and he's a big hit with the folks there.  My assistant takes him there every 2 weeks.  I don't know if I'd enjoy it - I prefer a run to a good scratching.  But then again I think he may get cookies and other interesting treats from his friends there!





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