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   The Terrier Tattler
May  2007

Hello friends & fans,

Yes, I know that itís already many days into May, but you know how it is when you can only afford a PART-TIME assistant!  But there HAD to be a MAY issue, since MAY is such a special month for ME (see the first article below!). 

April was great and we got to visit our family in Iowa, which I always love.  Nathan and I did lots of batting/fielding practice Ė he bats a tennis ball and I bring it back to him.  Wow, I must be a little out of shape.  I kept up with him fine, but the next day I was really sore.  I had John carry me up the stairs when it was time for bed!!!    I wonder if Nate got just as sore as I did, but then again I donít think itís quite as much work swinging the bat as it is retrieving the ball!  Hmmm, maybe I should learn to bat the ball too! 

Well, have a great rest of the month!  Summer has finally arrived and my brother Wes and I plan to spend as much time as possible outside!  Enjoy!





Happy Birthday Bianca!

Yes, the day this issue is published, May 13, just happens to be my birthday!  Seven short years ago I was among the first born to Angel and Bubba, two great Westie parents.  Itís hard to believe Iíve had Tracy caring for me for 7 years now!  What fun itís been!  Trips all over the Midwest, riding on an airplane, swimming in the ocean, diving into lakes, rolling in lots of different kinds of animal poop (cowís my personal favorite),  and of course playing with my little brother Wesley.  Itís been awesome. 

At a trial today someone said Iím Ďmiddle-agedí.  Iíve heard Tracy describe herself the same way, so I guess thatís a good thing to be.  But itís never too early to start planning for the future.  Tracy bought me a great present Ė something for what she called Ďretirementí.  I guess itís for after Iím really old and just want to relax and enjoy life.  Itís an odd thing to buy Ė 15 acres of land.  Yeah, just land.  Thereís nothing on it but a ton of trees (and some wild critters too!).  Itís near Grandma & Grandpa in Iowa and we got to visit it a few weeks ago.  Wow is it cool.  I wish we could live there now.  There are tons of trees and some of them are old and have fallen, leaving holes for critters to hang out in.  Wes and I had a ball exploring it with our cousins.   







Something else really cool about this special land.  The kids can potty outside just like I do.  Cousin Nate had to potty when we were hiking around the property, so he went over behind a tree and did his Ďbusinessí.  Iíve never seen a person potty outside like me.  There are also lots of tree the kids love climbing.  Gosh I wish I could climb - it looks fun!

Iím going to love living here!  Well, Tracy said itís going to be several year before we can move there.  But we can go camping there this summer.  I can not wait! 






Safe & Tasty Treats!

With all the pet food recalls of late, Tracy has been making lots of treats for us.  With the time limitations she has it can be tough to keep up with our treat consumption.  Lucky for Tracy she found a super quick (and very yummy) treat.  Itís call Tuna Bread and she makes it in the microwave.  Hereís the recipe, in case you want to try it.  I think youíll like it and itís really smelly too!  My buddy Max gives it a huge paws up! 

There are so many great treat recipes out there - I'd love to know yours!  Please send your favorite treat recipes to me at and I'll share them with all my fans!

Quick as a Flash Tuna Bread  

Put the tuna, garlic powder and egg in a bowl.  Mix with a spoon.  Then add the flour gradually until it all binds together (add more or less flour as needed).   

Pour onto a microwaveable plate and put in the microwave for 4 minutes, turn onto a wire rack to cool and cut into small training size cubes.


Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

Disasters can happen anytime.  Sure, some of my agility runs could be classified as a disaster, but I'm talking about the kind of disaster I can not control.  Bad weather, car accidents, earthquakes, just to name a few.  You really need to be ready if an emergency should strike.  Tracy has a doggie first aid kit in the car, and when she lived in California she had an evacuation kit ready for her pets at all times.  Those darn earthquakes were pretty scary and she wanted to be ready to hit the road with the kitties and birds in a matter of minutes, if needed. 

How prepared are you?  The AKC can help.  They have a Disaster Planning page on their website - , along with a helpful checklist on what you need to do to be prepared .  Just a few minutes now can save valuable time in the case of an disaster! 



Doggie Duds
Canine Fashion Do’s & Don’ts

The fashion column dedicated to well-dressed canines out there.





















Don't Do

Trying to enhance your natural body parts doesn't usually result in a fashion do.  Here's Rocky, Abby and Willie wearing EARS!  Give me natural ears any day.  Even if the ears you were born with stick out, or are really big, trying to cover them with 'fake' ears is a huge DON'T. 

Here you see Rocky with his other Easter outfit.  Wearing a cute Easter Egg tie, he's very darling - with the ears nature gave him!  Now this is a super fashion DO!



Pup Pics

We love photos of pups, please send yours to







A New Cousin!


I have a new cousin in Iowa.  Maggie is a very cute golden lab puppy.  She's very cute and loves to play, but still a little shy.  We got along fine with Maggie.  Wesley thought he was very important - he doesn't often to get to boss around a dog bigger than him.  Maggie loved him, but would do whatever he said! 









Ab Fabs

Absolutely Fabulous Canine Accomplishments!

Please send your accomplishments to




Takin' it to the MAX!


On April 8, my buddy Max won HIGH IN TRIAL OPEN dog and HIGH IN TRIAL AMBOR dog at a NADAC trial.  He got two really HUGE ribbons and Mom got a jacket that says HIGH IN TRIAL from RACE Agility.  He was really flying!  He even ran one course without his mom - left her standing at the start line.  He had so much fun.  Fortunately he listened to what obstacles she was yelling at him and he finally let her catch up and they finished the course together.  The old boy still has it! 


Dancing with the Stars!

My friend Lucy is a super star when it comes too dancing.  Yep, you heard me right - she and her mom Jan are an awesome Freestyle team.  Lucy recently sent me a quick article on her success at the Chicago Pet Expo.  She's so graceful - thanks so much for the article, Lucy!!!


Recently we went to the Chicago Pet Expo to compete and do demos in ďFreestyleĒ, which she, and many other people, also call dog dancing.   Since I am a beginner, Mom can keep me on leash for our routine.  We were really doing well, to our song titled ď Do You Love Me, now that I can danceĒ and near the end I am supposed to weave between Momís legs.  She unfastened the leash, and I went thru her legs a couple times,Ö..then got a little confusedÖÖ

When we go up to the start line at an agility trial, Mom takes off the leash and away we go.  So, when she took of the leash, it felt like agility, and I went between her legs and ran, at my very best speed, to the edge of the big ring, I know it was the edge because there was blue tape on the floor, and a rope above my head with a little orange flag.  So, I turned around.  I know I should not leave the ring.  And I was really beginning to have fun,.  I quickly turned around, and ran even harder, almost to the other end of the ring, more blue tape and rope.  Then I turned around and looked at Mom, and she had turned around to watch me, but hadnít moved, so I took off toward her, and as I got almost to her, she spread her legs apart, and I knew that was my cue to run through her legs.  WOWÖIím cooking now.  I turn around again, so does she, and we do this leg things about three more times, and the music is over.  She bent down, and I jumped into her arms like always.  AWESOME.

Some people were quite impressed by my fast ďgo-outsĒ and returns thru the legs.  And we got first place, and our title, in beginner Musical Freestyle ( out of a pack of two competitors) because the judge liked the way Mom had me in control at all times.  It was just as I had planned it Ė thinking I was at agility, except for the between the legs thing.    We did lots of demos and there were lots of people.  I got to where I wasnít nervous.  People were clapping and cheering, much louder than at agility.  How exhausting.  Sometimes its hard to keep my sports separate. Oh well,  We girls just want to have fun.


More Success for the Riccelli Labs!

I didn't get to go the Paw Power trial in Merrillville at the end of April (my assistant forgot to send in my entry!!).  But the Riccelli labs were there and they had some great runs!!!

Saturday 4-21-07 Shadow EXB Standard 100Q
DB Novice Preferred JWW 100 1st pl
                                        Standard 100 2nd
3 double Q's &Novice Preferred TITLE
 Sunday 4-22-07 Shadow EXB JWW 100 Q (5 MACH points)
 DB Open Perferred JWW 1st pl  98
                                     Standard 1st pl 100